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 +1Posted on Sep 16th | re: Pixies - "Ring The Bell" Video (3 comments)

Video is private and won’t play.

I think a lot of why this sounds so bad is because the guitar is horribly out of tune. So even when she actually manages to play the right chords it sounds off.

Somehow this makes me have more respect for her. Go figure.

 +1Posted on Sep 1st | re: Watch Drive Like Jehu Reunite For First Show In 19 Years (2 comments)

Aaaagghhhh someone made it private already!

 0Posted on Aug 26th | re: Bear In Heaven - "Autumn" Video (1 comments)

This is the only video with psychedelic visuals that I’ve ever seen that actually reminded me of being on psychedelics.

 +4Posted on Aug 24th, 2012 | re: Grimes - "Genesis" Video (51 comments)

“Hey guys, did you know I like Anime?!?!” <— Grimes

 +6Posted on Aug 17th, 2012 | re: Watch Kanye's Dancers' Flash Mob On A Plane (2 comments)

That one dude just really wants to get back to his seat.

 +3Posted on Aug 8th, 2012 | re: New Beck Album Song Reader Only Available As Sheet Music (150 comments)

I’m guessing a “Live” album or something similar.

 +24Posted on Jul 27th, 2012 | re: Lana Del Rey Covers Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box," Trolls The Universe (78 comments)

I really wanted to hate this.

 +5Posted on Jul 17th, 2012 | re: Lana Del Rey Is The New Face Of H&M (6 comments)

Headline should read: “Poorly manufactured artist to represent poorly manufactured clothing line.”