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Lost in the Dream – The War on Drugs

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December 9, 2014 on Win Stereogum’s 10 Best Albums Of 2014 On Vinyl Courtesy Of Insound

they don’t all sing the same part. he’s the bass.

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October 29, 2014 on Watch The World’s Most Popular A Cappella Group Cover Fleet Foxes In The Woods

fans re: everything weezer has done since 1996: “boo we want old weezer”
fans re: this song: “boo this sounds too much like old weezer”

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September 25, 2014 on Weezer – “The British Are Coming”


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September 19, 2014 on Win The Beatles In Mono 14-LP Vinyl Box Set

that pic looks like a shitty knock-off of true detective

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August 5, 2014 on Kid Rock Responds To Dildo Subpoena In Insane Clown Posse Lawsuit

this is a prty cool song. i still like the weeknd even if everyone hates him now for some reason.

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July 30, 2013 on The Weeknd – “Love In The Sky”

wow people really don’t like atoms for peace

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February 25, 2013 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

wait after that reply i find you kind of loathsome.

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December 18, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Chief Keef Finally Rich

oh i see her now thanks

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December 5, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012

where’s fiona apple??

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December 5, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012


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December 3, 2012 on Win A Limited Edition Death Cab For Cutie Vinyl Box Set

“Say what you will about Lana Del Rey”

yah sure lana del rey sucks

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October 12, 2012 on Lana Del Rey – “Ride” Video

i’ll buy

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October 3, 2012 on The Replacements Reunite For New EP

yah i totally feel your mountain goats comments. maybe transcendental youth is an album so great that we don’t really understand it yet.

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October 2, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream

hi rob i’m new to stereogum but i hope we can be friends!!

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September 23, 2012 on The Replacements Albums From Worst To Best

one of stereogum’s sillier articles. any list like this that doesn’t have “let it be” at no. 1 is rejecting popular opinion just for the hell of it.

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September 21, 2012 on The Replacements Albums From Worst To Best