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I was going to make a Dina Lohan joke, but Courtney Stodden's mom beat me to it. Um. I didn't have a back-up joke ready guys. I guess I'll just take this opportunity to thank my mom for not being like Courtney Stodden's mom. Thanks mom! You're the best!
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May 14, 2013 on Courtney Stodden’s Mom Is A Good Manager, Says Courtney Stodden’s Mom
You know, of all the roles to take on as your new personality, why Humbert Humbert?
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April 8, 2013 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
Does anyone else want Courtland and Judge Rineholt to be a buddy cop duo under Sergeant Bud Cort?
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March 8, 2013 on Courtney Stodden Is OUR Generation’s Nick Kroll
I am contractually obligated to comment here but I am not going to watch this video. At least, not at work. I should be at home for this, with my TEAM DOURTNEY pennant and Stodden-themed snuggie.
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February 13, 2013 on Courtney Stodden’s Music Video Is Here! Courtney Stodden’s Music Video Is Here!
Good luck costal monsters! I hope instead of a blizzard you all get kittens. Self-sufficient kittens that feed and water themselves, and also take care of any ablutions or bathroom necessities so as not to be a bummer on you all. Guys I am still pretty much asleep right now, please don't hold anything I say against me.
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February 8, 2013 on ATTN: New Trampoline Accident Looks Like A Dream
I am worried that none of these cats appear to be watching the road. Who gave them licenses? This is madness.
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February 5, 2013 on Easy Riders
SPEAKING OF: I miss Lewis Simon.
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December 28, 2012 on Crushes Of 2012
I'm beginning to question my allegiances.
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December 20, 2012 on Merry Christmas From Courtney Stodden
Believe me brother, I know. Waiter, a round of Stodden for my friends!
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December 5, 2012 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Marrying Cardboard Edward Cullen For Art
Wait wait wait. We can be weird as fuck so long as it's art? Ok, I need a roll of bubble wrap, a paper mache turkey, three and a half pounds of big league chew, and James McAvoy's phone number, stat. It's time to art it up.
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December 5, 2012 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: Marrying Cardboard Edward Cullen For Art
Gabe doesn't wear deodorant? All of my illusions are shattered! Now I feel like I don't know him at all! (spolier alert: I don't)
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November 14, 2012 on BREAKING: Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Wear Deodorant
At least there are some things that remain dependable in these crazy times.
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October 30, 2012 on Happy Halloween From Courtney Stodden And Doug Huthchison!
Finally, a Ryan Gosling for our generation!
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October 24, 2012 on Courtney Stodden Has Saved Many Lives
Carolyn in the Abbey is my bet for citywelling hijinks
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September 28, 2012 on What Should The Possible Downton Abbey Prequel Be Called?!
I'll do whatever you want me to just as long as I can be with you If that is the case, can you stop singing? I'm trying to drink my tea in peace.
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September 28, 2012 on “Coffee Or Tea” – Lisa Gail Allred [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
All of the ones that are in parentheses I presume are about butts, so my vote is that you are not nearly as perverted as the rest of the internet. Neither am I. I need to go back to perv school (aka college)
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September 20, 2012 on Go Ahead And Do The Thing
Finally a reason to use my DVR (dourtney video recorder). Viva la Stodden!
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September 19, 2012 on FIRST LOOK: Courtney Stodden’s Couples Therapy
Also, I'm pretty sure we all owe Jon Hamm an apology, and are required to stay at least 100 yards away from him at all times.
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September 10, 2012 on This Is Just A Normal Picture Of Jon Hamm
Happy Birthday Courtney! I bought you new 12'' clear heels but don't know where to send them.
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August 29, 2012 on Happy 18th Birthday Courtney Stodden!
[S]he was a role model who showed young women that they could triumph over a troubled past and still grow up to be anything they wanted. Even though she was the sex icon of her time, she was never a Barbie. She wasn’t especially skinny; she had a good sense of humor, and she seemed always to be trying to be herself. I'm wondering if this person has finished her biography....
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August 10, 2012 on Some Thoughts On Marilyn Monroe
I don't know what to say, except that dreams really do come true.
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July 31, 2012 on Courtney Stodden Confirms Her Reality Show On Twitter
Needs more Stodden, that's my thought
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July 26, 2012 on Developing Content For Twitter’s Reality Show!
CONGRATS ON THE EGOT! I tried to find a celebratory Courtney Stodden pic but none of them were SFW or SFLife
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July 6, 2012 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
Clearly my one trait mandatory in an end-of-the-world friend is that they be Courtney Stodden.
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June 22, 2012 on Friday Giveaway: Seeking A Friend At The End Of The World Prize Pack
YES. I actually got very excited about this video thinking it was going to involve harmonica-playing and perhaps a tub band. Life is disappointing.
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June 21, 2012 on Courtney Stodden’s “Tribute To Marilyn”
That's easy! No. There are no wonderful women out there who aren't even actresses.
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June 14, 2012 on Are There Wonderful Women Out There Who Aren’t Even Actresses?
Wait, we can do this? Hey, Barack, old buddy. I totally don't create unspeakable horror chimeras in my basement for the sheer thrill of playing god. Also I don't rob grave for sweet sweet human organs. Please fire this pitchfork-wielding mob. xoxo - LBT
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June 6, 2012 on Amanda Bynes Rests Her Case For The Honorable Judge Obama
YES YES YES YES YES to living alone. Although I don't know about the rest of you, but I am a little afraid that I am going feral.
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June 1, 2012 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
I'm beginning to think that Liam Neeson's daughter is the movie equivalent of Princess Peach. I mean, I get it. Life is complicated and things can go pear shaped at a moment's notice. But Liam Neeson's movie daughter, have you considered not getting kidnapped? Or, if you are prone to kidnapping, maybe get a whistle, or alarm, or mace, or hang out with the lady from Haywire? Although now I really hope there is an action scene culminating with toad saying "Sorry Liam Neeson, your daughter's in another castle!"
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May 17, 2012 on Liam Neeson In Taken 2
What, you mean it's strange to stand around a kitchen in your underoos with your mother, pretending to bake, in a completely useless apron and 17 inch clear heels? I don't know, I think you all are the weird ones. Normal bonding stuff. Too normal, maybe.
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May 10, 2012 on Happy Mother’s Day From Courtney Stodden And Her Mom!