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 0Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Album Of The Week: Courtship Ritual Pith (19 comments)

I just listened to it. I wasn’t so sure I would be into the brief length, but it is pretty fitting. Those basslines are so catchy, but subdued at the same time.

Thanks for introducing me to this.

 +13Posted on Apr 4th | re: Good News For People Who Love Bad News Turns 10 (44 comments)

I love this record, even though it is still in the bottom half of MM records for me. I agree, it is inconsistent, but when this record is on, it is ON. “Ocean Breathes Salty” might be my favorite MM song. “Bury Me With It” sounds absolutely primal, ten years later.

 +2Posted on Mar 4th | re: Iron Maiden Albums From Worst To Best (62 comments)

I would argue that Powerslave is the best, but I really have no major qualms with this. The top 6 is pretty much dead on. I might move Brave New World up a little more, but from top to bottom this is pretty solid. Good work.

 +1Posted on Feb 18th | re: Win The Beatles The U.S. Albums Box Set (522 comments)

“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”

 0Posted on Jan 20th | re: Damon Albarn - "Everyday Robots" Video (6 comments)

As a fan of all things Damon, I am pretty excited about this album. I am really digging the instrumentation on this one.

 0Posted on Dec 5th, 2013 | re: Jay Z Ranks Jay Z Albums Best To Worst (13 comments)

At least he is honest. If MCHG was on top, we would all be killing him for being a liar. Most other artists say crap like “I haven’t made my best one yet” or “the new one is the best we’ve ever done”.

That being said, maybe artists do feel that way about all of their stuff initially and need time and distance to be able to see their work for what it really is.

 0Posted on Oct 30th, 2013 | re: Smashing Pumpkins Albums From Worst To Best (145 comments)

Now I hear it. Thank you.

 0Posted on Oct 29th, 2013 | re: Mogwai - "Remurdered" (4 comments)

The song is awesome, and “Remurdered” is, frankly, a great name for a song. Any genre.

 0Posted on Oct 29th, 2013 | re: Smashing Pumpkins Albums From Worst To Best (145 comments)

My Siamese Dream “moment” is probably Rocket. That riff is just wonderful, and the moment that Billy drops that “ah” or whatever and the bass and drums kick in is bliss.

Other contenders for the crown would be the intro for Cherub Rock and all of Spaceboy, which is a beautifully realized song. Billy wrote it for his brother, who was disabled. My sister is autistic, and Spaceboy is a song that just… gets it. It knows what it is like for the person who is disabled and the people who love that person.

Finally, the guitar outro for Hummer is pretty much perfect.

The list is good overall. I LOVE Adore and would bump it right up behind Mellon Collie, maybe even ahead of it. I would also divide the Machinas. Otherwise, I mostly agree with the order and the author’s reasonings for that order.

 +1Posted on Oct 15th, 2013 | re: Metallica Albums From Worst To Best (118 comments)

Siamese Dream is a better record than MCIS. I like the production better, I like the song craft better… I like pretty much everything better. “Hummer”, “Rocket”, “Mayonaise” and “Spaceboy” are still hair raising songs and I have been listening to them for like… 12 to 13 years now.

MCIS and I have a weird relationship. It suffers from a lot of the same issues that almost all double albums do, but there is an albums’ worth of absolutely pristine material. I respect how creative it is and how musically interesting it is.

Adore is my second favorite SP album though, so you might be asking the wrong person for Siamese vs. MCIS

Siamese>Adore>MCIS>Gish>Pisces>Machina II>Machina>Oceania>Zeitgeist

Stereogum, I will write this list. I promise, it will be glorious.