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Even with low expectations, this is shockingly bad. I say that as a fan of both the Beatles and the Flaming Lips. Cool artwork though.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five!

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I clicked on the article ready to be disgusted but I have to admit… she’s right. You can’t derail a person because of who they choose to work with. Now, I don’t believe Terry Richardson is innocent one bit, I think he’s scum of the earth but if Sky Ferreira enjoys his photography and decides to work with him based on that, I don’t see a problem with that and if it was a positive experience for her, that’s great especially as it would be against the public’s expectations. She has nothing to do with his sexually criminal behavior. Many celebrities have been photographed by Terry Richardson. If any of them say something like, “I don’t know anything about his sexual behavior, I just know it was a good photoshoot,” how can you shame them for that? They’re just saying what they know and don’t want to get involved in something they don’t need to be involved with, can you blame them for not wanting to get involved? I feel the same way about Woody Allen. People were asking Alec Baldwin what he thought about Allen’s possible abuse of his estranged daughter just because he made a movie with him, and that’s just wrong. It’s the press and the gossip magazines being exploitative and they’re doing nothing to help the victims by such exploitation.

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I thought he was already in prison. He should be there for the rest of his life. And no matter who’s singing it, including Joan Jett, “Do You Wanna Touch Me” will always creep me the fuck out.

Don Henley didn’t even write Hotel California, Don Felder did! And Henley and Frey kicked him out of the group.

I think it would have been cool if for one song, Chad took over on drums and Dave sang.

Supposedly Stevie Nicks is going to sing with them on The Tonight Show. And given that Nicks is already confirmed as part of the tribute to Linda Ronstadt, I wouldn’t be surprised if she performs with them at the induction as well.

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Tomorrow Never Knows

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In no particular order:

Tegan and Sara – How Come You Don’t Want Me
David Bowie – The Next Day
Elvis Costello and The Roots – Wise Up Ghost
Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time
Arcade Fire – Normal Person
Phoenix – Entertainment
Paul McCartney – I Can Bet
The Rides – Don’t Want Lies
The Postal Service – Turn Around
Carole King – I Believe In Loving You

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Aside from completely botching “The Long and Winding Road,” Spector’s “reproduction” is not that bad. His version of “Across the Universe” is undoubtedly better than Martin’s which is on Past Masters though I also think the single versions of “Let It Be” and “Get Back” are better than the album versions. And then there’s a little known fact that “I Me Mine” wasn’t much of a song until Spector got involved and George reworked it. Overall, I prefer the Naked version but Spector certainly didn’t do a bad job.