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Thank you for calling out Changing of the Guard. It’s been my favorite Dylan song for about two years now, but I felt very alone about that.

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Getting Closer from Back to the Egg – it’s a hidden gem!

I cannot stop listening to this song. Love it!!

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The Words that Maketh Murder by PJ Harvey

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Wish You Were Here

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Glass Houses

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One of my formative albums of youth, for sure. But the best part about this is that PJ and Eddie are still relevant and making records. I’m glad that the grunge scene wasn’t just a fad and produced some legends…who are still alive. Ha, get it, Alive.

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Mates of State: The Re-arranger

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Love them…but I don’t get why the greenest band on earth would want to distribute all these bits of paper. And a newspaper? Is it meant to be retro?