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What a weird bizarro universe I have dropped into where Fireworks is being covered by Stereogum and Pitchfork.

That’s cool. You ever tour with anyone that made good music though?

If you’ve seen the interview you know that it sounds fine. And if you know anything at all about DEP you know that they are way too famous to be playing the local bar.

The guitarist of Dillinger Escape Plan has a guitar with wireless built in so it doesn’t plug into the jack on the outside.

Can you imagine if he DIDN’T make a public apology (for being given an award, no less)? Everyone would want his head on a stake. And they still do. Nothing he can do will please hip hop purists, so he did the thing that would at least make him seem like kinda a nice guy.

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Yeah, but no IIOI, TWIABP, AGBPOL, Touche Amore…

This point was way overstated when PATD was first getting started. For instance, Pretty Odd doesn’t sound like FOB in the slightest. However, this song could easily be a Save Rock and Roll b-side.

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Bars of Gold on Stereogum? It’s official, we have entered emo bizarro world.

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That is the best description of Pierce the Veil I have ever heard.

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Someone wants to look like they have their finger on the pulse of emo all of a sudden.

<3 Evan though.