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Yeah I really thought they’d be everywhere right now, reaping all of their deserved year-end accolades. That album simply rules. Crushing brutality with an understated melodic current running through everything. It’s an inexplicably catchy beast of a record!

And not since I Wanna Be Your Dog have I heard such an awesome and not-at-all ridiculous sleigh bells deployment. It gives Black Tears the most satisfying crunch. It’s like the Snickers of extreme metal. MOTHERFUCKING SLEIGH BELLS!

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1. Coffinworm’s album does not seem to be making the year-end cut anywhere! I bought it the same day as Nux Vomica and one of those two has been listened to A LOT :).

2. I love Blut Aus Nord. A lot. There is no way they put the best album out this year though or, at least, one better than YOB’s!

3. Fluisteraars ahead of Woods Of Desolation. The latter led me to the former but it is the former that grabbed me by the ears and would not let go.

These are listed in order of egregiousness. I’m kidding. This list is fantastic. I immediately ordered that Sivyj Yar album upon reading the write-up. And, finally, an Artificial Brain inclusion…

Really fucking great work all year long. Thank you!

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Hahaha. I would never say that about Spoon!

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1. Yob – Nothing To Win
2. Future Islands – A Song For Our Grandfathers
3. Jon Langford and Skull Orchard – Li’l Ray Of Light
4. RTJ – Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck
5. The War On Drugs – Eyes To The Wind
6. Bölzer – Steppes
7. Coffinworm – Black Tears (sleigh bells. Fucking sleigh bells)
8. Fluisteraars – De Doornen
9. Jack White – Three Women
10. Swans – Oxygen

Spoon is one of my favorite bands but I still have not heard that album. I just got the Horrendous vinyl but have not listened to that either. As of right now, this list works.

YOB – Clearing The Path To Ascend. Epicus doomicus…

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YOB is #1 for me. No Coffinworm and Fluisteraars! Booooooooooo!!! Good list though.

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Agreed. And I hate this band. If I wanted bitter elitism all the fucking time I’d never leave brooklynvegan.

Widespread Panic sucks you say? I never would’ve figured that shit out with my own ears! Thank you asshole!

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Yob is one of my favorite bands and I just got it! Took quite some time, I’m reluctant to admit.

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Yes. Hands down winner.

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Fine I’ll do it…

“I been taken to small claim court many time, don’t try to scare me, my insurance pay for lawyer, you no win”.