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Sorry, "Within a few days."
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March 13, 2013 on Today We Talk About Kickstarter
One of the rewards is "We'll send you a digital copy of the movie on the day the movie is released" so, you're wrong.
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March 13, 2013 on Today We Talk About Kickstarter
A misogynist can be against racism, for sure. It just rings a little more hollow when they do, to me.
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January 31, 2013 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: VW’s Racist Super Bowl Commercial
Just so we're clear, the guy lecturing about race is the same misogynist who spouted this garbage: "Personally, I’m not a huge Anne Hathaway fan. Sorry! She just seems very pinched and cold to the point of being emotionally unavailable and possibly cruel. The words “vagina dentata” come to mind. If her genitals do have teeth, it is simply for the purpose of grinding up male genitalia and turning them into EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES! "
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January 31, 2013 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: VW’s Racist Super Bowl Commercial
1) Totally agree. My expectations (Look at these morons) quickly turned into "Oh god, I'm a terrible person because I expected to laugh at these people's differences but it turns out they totally love each other and that's the core of the show." 2) It's funny to me, albeit totally unsurprising, that Gabe's high horse perspective on the JImmy Kimmel interview allowed him to totally overlook and/or find it unworthy to comment on what the mom on the show does with the money they make from filming. Here is what she does [or claims to]. She takes the money, divides it evenly, and puts it in trust funds for her kids. Then she takes another percentage of the money and donates it to charity. Totally someone worthy of looking down on, am I right?
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October 18, 2012 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: The Reification Of Honey Boo Boo
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September 4, 2012 on Victoria Jackson Is Still Pretty Victoria Jackson-y
Weak atheists is a way for strong atheists to redefine agnostics as atheists. To my mind it's an idiotic "nuh-uh" invented by a philosophical school that wanted to be more inured to criticism. Saying to someone "I get to use the words I want to use to define your beliefs," is fucked up! It's privilege! You don't get to define what I call myself in an attempt to muddle jargon!
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July 7, 2012 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
One of the most unnecessarily - I don't think misogynistic is the right word, but I think it's closest - posts on videogum. What the fuck is with all the vagina references? Why not just call her a cunt and get it over with? This is unreal bad.
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March 1, 2012 on Anne Hathaway Stars In The Humblebrag Diaries
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July 22, 2010 on “I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake” #Comic-Con2010
This movie makes me so happy.
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July 14, 2010 on One Flew Over The Razor Scooter’s Nest