It does not really come through in this video (which is still pretty cool), but Sun God is one of the most utterly righteous tunes ever. Borderline impossible to remain in your chair when that headrush of a chorus kicks in. Nothing else Squirrel Bait recorded is on this level (although both albums are great), but this song (also included on the still awesome Wailing Ultimate Homestead Records comp) is hands down one of the highlights of 80s US underground rock. Really cool to see this and thanks for posting.

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Nope. You honestly did?

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Let me think here… let’s see… hmmmm, OK, I’ll go with laughing stock. Yup definitely. Complete and total laughing stock.

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Yes, let’s definitely hope for that.

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Assuming LR solo and not VU, then Street Hassle

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did you mean to include the capitalized editorial remarks in Lopatin’s seventh answer?

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Tie: Guns of Brixton and Death or Glory

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My top 10 to date (have not yet heard Disclosure, BOC or Sunbather): Vampire Weekend, mbv, Daft Punk, Kurt Vile, National, Nick Cave, Dirty Beaches, Deerhunter, Koze, Savages.