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What a fucking tool you are for posting this. Daaaaaaamn. Done with this site. I like reading about music but this is like cut rate TMZ. Cringe-worthy. Bye.

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But thanks for doing this. Genesis rules, and these guys need more love. It’s a tough call between Lamb and Selling for the top spot, you could go either way. But I tend to go Lamb for sheer audacity and creativity. They are both two of the most underrated records in the rock canon.

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Agreed. In any case, Invisible Touch over Nursery Cryme? NC has issues, I agree, but really, think about that.

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Interesting post, especially the Beach House quote. I agree with the sentiment, and it calls to mind someone like Mark Kozelek. Here’s a guy who has had this approach and sensibility from the get-go, and even allowing for variations on the theme over the years (different tunings, nylon vs. steel strings, recent changes to vocal delivery and lyrical approach), his career feels like one of continual refinement and deeper explorations of his world. In the case of Kozelek, he reminds you more of a poet or a filmmaker, who has a recognizable style that he keeps perfecting. I don’t know that I would put Beach House in the same class as MK, but there is something similar going on.

The problem with Interpol – and I have always loved TOTBL and to a lesser degree Antics, and have really tried over the years to muster the same enthusiasm for the other two records – is that it just doesn’t feel deeper or more sophisticated. It feels repetitive. And repeated exposure to the same tricks and tropes does after a while make the greatness of TOTBL seem like more of a situational, lighting in a bottle kind of thing. By no means does that diminish TOTBL, and in some ways it enhances it. By now, that record is iconic and its increasingly obvious that it will outlast most of the music of the era. But it does kind of diminish Interpol as an ongoing artistic proposition, in my mind at least.

So Max, I absolutely take your point, its a great one. But – and I have not really spent a lot of time with the album, maybe I’ll change my mind – I still feel like Chris’s take makes sense here.

Hmmm… that was meant to be a reply to Christopher Lusher.

LOL – I wish I had.

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It does not really come through in this video (which is still pretty cool), but Sun God is one of the most utterly righteous tunes ever. Borderline impossible to remain in your chair when that headrush of a chorus kicks in. Nothing else Squirrel Bait recorded is on this level (although both albums are great), but this song (also included on the still awesome Wailing Ultimate Homestead Records comp) is hands down one of the highlights of 80s US underground rock. Really cool to see this and thanks for posting.

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Nope. You honestly did?

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Let me think here… let’s see… hmmmm, OK, I’ll go with laughing stock. Yup definitely. Complete and total laughing stock.