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They are trans people. They are the people Arcade Fire wants to help. They exist.

Okay, sure. But when you listened to oppressed classes, you listen to those who are unhappy with their depiction. Trans people who are satisfied with this video are fine! They can be fine. But here is a trans woman voicing the fact that she doesn’t appreciate it and thinks they really could have done better. People are dismissing that, but really, I’d dare them to find a trans woman who thinks the video is completely kosher.

I’m saying that if you’re going to make something advocating for queer rights and experiences, you listen to those with the experiences you’re trying to advocate for.

And it’s also not that they didn’t do enough. Things like this can actually be harmful for trans identities, having them merely be perceived as a person who wears drag. Which is not what it is, and is the reason that comments like justabrobro’s (see: below) exist.

Are you seriously saying that Andrew Garfield is being discriminated against because of his gender?

Like, read that again.

(Also, what’s most important is those who NEED the message approving of it. Clearly they don’t!)

So when the LGBT community tells you that you’re not helping them, you listen.

LeMonjello, the above statement signals your cognitive dissonance pretty well.

People who are trans will watch Arcade Fire’s video and see a cis actor playing a trans woman, not actually enforcing any empowering message of “We Exist.” Try as you might, this is Andrew Garfield. He is a KNOWN cis actor, and is not trans. He is KNOWN to not be evidence of the existence of trans people.

People who are not trans have watched Arcade Fire’s video and described being trans as being in drag. Someone described it as “putting macho action stars in drag.” Do you have any idea how much the idea of trans experiences being drag screws up how seriously people take trans identities? Have you even the foggiest notion?

It’s not about the performer. It is about the message. But it’s about how the message is RECEIVED, and unfortunately, you should listen to trans people when they say that the performer HAS interrupted how the intended message was received.

Listen to the people who exist.

‘I guess it’s the complaint of ‘You’re not being pro LGBT enough!” that gets me.’

Okay, sure. But do you know who’s making that complaint? The LGBT community. The one that you’re supposed to listen to on issues like this.

Er, no. Especially after this year’s Oscars, this is clearly an important issue to to trans-identifying people.

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Complete Control

No mention of this? Okay.

Ericksson sings the outro to Adventure Time (which is seldom heard on TV because of them advertising what’s on next or next week), and their new song “No Wonder I” appeared as BMO’s favorite song in the fantastic episode “Shh!” Watch it over here: