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the vocals of that amazing opener are SO MOODY BLUES. for me that’s not a bad thing.

are we 100% sure that’s not Will Forte fronting this band now?

cover art by seattle badass Joe Rudko, fwiw. his shit is dope.

that Phoenix ref was pretty left field

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Instant Crush

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Metronomy – Love Letters

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there is a strong and engaging record to be culled from the Machina/II/Friends&Enemies tracks, and i suspect we’ll get a better sense of what that thing was supposed to be with the upcoming re-release.

a long time fan, i was as surprised and excited with Oceania as the most devout of us, but so far i can’t muster any love for the new songs we’ve heard streamed so far. was it simply an expectations game? i had none for Oceania, and now these lead singles have put me back in that place: there’s no way this record will be any good! time to listen!

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the fuck. what about the siamese dream gal? she’s already out? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS BAND

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yah that record is fucking terrible, but in hindsight, yah—it had moxie!

weirld. al. pacino.