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“Dark”, “hellish”, and “groundshaking” or Kanye’s “Born in the U.S.A.” … or all of the above?

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Abbey Road is my favorite Beatles album, my favorite rock album, and my favorite album of any genre ever. It brings their narrative to a perfect (imperfect, literally in the middle of the chord on Her Majesty) close and, while the album opens with timeless, deeply moving cuts on the first side, the second half medley is as exciting as anything I’ve ever heard. It’s as if I’m actually attending the last Beatles show ever in the world as the songs bleed into each other, one after another, until the end.

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Seeing him in Seoul tomorrow night. This track is going to explode heads when it drops.

Kurt Vile!

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“The Man-Machine” (Minimum-Maximum version) – Kraftwerk

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“Sunshine Recorder” by Boards of Canada.

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What a dork.

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“Shittin’ with the Shah” – The Men