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Sounds like Trent and Atticus have another good score on their hands.

 0Posted on Apr 14th | re: Watch Kids Try To Use A Walkman For The First Time (15 comments)

“I’m never gonna give up! I’m a survivor! Wait, I give up.”

It’s “skeletaaaaaaaaawn.”

 0Posted on Apr 9th | re: Frank Ocean's New Album Is Almost Finished (10 comments)


Joan is a natural for this. You guys seem to forget that Joan loves rock & roll.

 0Posted on Apr 9th | re: Famous Album Cover Art Imagined From A Different Perspective (12 comments)

The Bowie cover was pretty brilliant and the Beatles cover really didn’t make much sense to me.

I know I am x amount of years late, but can anyone tell me why the cover for This Is It changed?

 0Posted on Apr 9th | re: Queens Of The Stone Age - "Smooth Sailing" Video (3 comments)

Yup, that looks about right.

Loiter Squad brings out the immature in me.

 +1Posted on Apr 7th | re: Saul Williams To Star In Tupac Broadway Musical (3 comments)

Saul is badass. I saw him open up for NIN in ’06. Truly a work of art.

 0Posted on Apr 7th | re: Deleted Scenes - "House Of Dust" (1 comments)

Wow! This is epic!