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 0Posted at 12:23am | re: Ariel Pink Talks About Being "Raped In The Ass" By Dominatrix (26 comments)

I think that would be Julian Casablacas’ line.

Bette did Waterfalls like only she can do. Nice.

 +3Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Wayne Coyne Comments On Kesha/Dr. Luke Controversy (8 comments)

That’s the most middle of the road thing we have heard from him. Lightning has struck.

A) Just because he didn’t giver her a rookie doesn’t mean that he didn’t drug her.

B) The second question is badly worded.

 0Posted on Oct 20th | re: Julian Casablancas Issues Statement On Brunch (21 comments)

You gotta jump before your PR rep does.

 +2Posted on Oct 19th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (14 comments)

Technically, I think you are right. Iamamiwhoami is an audio/visual project with Jonna Lee and Claes Bjorkman at the helm.

 +2Posted on Oct 19th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (14 comments)

Just out of curiosity, why doesn’t SG cover Iamamiwhoami? As a fan of hers from the get-go, I think she has a refreshing sound.

 +1Posted on Oct 17th | re: Eric Church Is Our Greatest Working Rock Star (29 comments)

I don’t know. I think that NIN can fill those great rock star shoes. Sure, NIN’s songs aren’t all over the radio but Trent & Company can sure kill it live. Case in point: last year’s Tension tour and this year’s tour with Soundgarden. Amidst touring and support Hesitation Marks, Trent and Atticus Ross did the amazing score for Gone Girl. To add to that, NIN is either in the #1 or #2 position for the ROH fan vote on any given moment. To me, Trent Reznor is the greatest working rock star of today.

 +1Posted on Oct 17th | re: Watch Run The Jewels' Ridiculous Trailer For Meow The Jewels (14 comments)

Oh my!

 +2Posted on Oct 17th | re: The Week In Pop: The History Of Kesha Vs. Dr. Luke (22 comments)

Of course Ke$ha wants out from Dr. Luke. He’s a scum bag. It’s funny how he and Chris Brown are mentioned in the same article…..