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What if Kid Rock doesn’t have it? What if he pawned it or something like that? I wonder how much that would go for in the pawn shops?

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I’ve been listening to this non stop since it was released. I can’t quite place that sample on Let It Go either but either way, it’s one of my favorites on the EP. Just really, really wish it was pressed on vinyl.

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Awesome. This and Merchandise are the bands I’m really anticipating now.

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I totally remember all those MM urban legends (Paul from the Wonder Years, sucking his own penis, etc) back in middle school.

Also, I didn’t know if this was supposed to be funny, but I was rolling when I read this, “Manson’s associate Trent Reznor was a target of massive parental fears during the early ’90s, but Reznor wasn’t a transgressive taboo-busting type; he was a sincere and emotionally intense singer-songwriter who cussed sometimes.”

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Weird Al is great but I would have been totally ok with Queen being the #1 video. One of the best of the year.

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Yeah, well, you’re “fad” has lasted well over 20+ years so you tell me how that’s a fad?

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Absolutely phenomenal. Mike just rips into this song and he looks gorgeous in the video!

I wonder if she’ll make Smear and Grohl sick too?