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Agree. My conspiracy theory is that they broke up to get out of touring with NIN/Soundgarden.

But I digress…..

 0Posted on Nov 21st | re: Soundgarden - "Kristi" (Stereogum Premiere) (18 comments)

Yeah. NIN and SG are my two favorite bands so to catch them at one show was a dream come true for me.

I thought about seeing the Vegas show for my birthday but decided against it because I would have gone solo.

I guess I should be fortunate that I have seen him only once and finishing the whole concert too.

 +1Posted on Nov 20th | re: Soundgarden - "Kristi" (Stereogum Premiere) (18 comments)

I’m having a serious boner here. This reminds me why I love SG so much.

 +1Posted on Nov 20th | re: Soundgarden - "Kristi" (Stereogum Premiere) (18 comments)

Oh yeah. I saw them at Irvine and at the Hollywood Bowl. I thought that they Hollywood Bowl performance was their best that I have ever seen them.

I’m not gonna watch it. Shit like this only glorifies rape culture and then people wonder why.

 0Posted on Nov 20th | re: Interpol Have Been Trapped In A Buffalo Snowstorm For 40 Hours (36 comments)

SoCal knows nothing of snow.

 0Posted on Nov 19th | re: Apple To Relaunch Beats Music In March (4 comments)

Apple Pay, baby.

 +2Posted on Nov 19th | re: Faith No More - "Motherfucker" (10 comments)

That publicity photo is hot.

 +2Posted on Nov 19th | re: Billboard 200 Album Chart Will Now Factor In Streaming (3 comments)