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 +6Posted on Jan 28th | re: Sad Tom DeLonge Posts Letter To Blink-182 Fans (40 comments)

“But I guess that’s another example of how I differ from most. I follow the light… I follow passion and I make art. ”
that is like some Billy Corgan level bullshit.

 +1Posted on Jan 27th | re: Album Of The Week: Natalie Prass Natalie Prass (83 comments)

CDs rule! I still buy em!

Not everyone listens to leaks!

haven’t heard the new one yet. Has everyone here just listened to a leak or something?

 +1Posted on Jan 27th | re: Forecastle 2015 Lineup (10 comments)

sure. But they’re a great band!

Fear Fun is a super underrated album though

 +13Posted on Jan 24th | re: Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney - "FourFiveSeconds" (98 comments)

Well… that was not was I was expecting.

 0Posted on Jan 19th | re: Never Young - "Like A Version" (3 comments)

These guys used to be in a fantastic post-hardcore/emo band called “Calculator” that are definitely worth checking out:

 0Posted on Jan 19th | re: Title Fight - "Your Pain Is Mine Now" (2 comments)

haha Sexy Deftones! I’m not really sure I agree with that at all… but its a pretty awesome description anyways.

” I’m not too excited to see that big Vice sign glaring out at me in green neon every time I take a cab over the Williamsburg Bridge, if that rumor comes true. But I wouldn’t mind going to more of their parties, at least.”
This is the attitude of way too many people in New York. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.