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Kurt’s absence is obvious. Not Nirvana and maybe a little too consistently butch femme–even for Cobain. I also don’t think Cobain would’ve been particularly into playing such a bloated “rock star” type event. Cobain was a confused and confusing guy to many, but his lyrics and public statements are quite clear. He had a lot of musician friends from “back in the day” who might’ve been better tapped for this performance, rather than Lorde and St. Vincent. Kim Gordon was a good choice. Would like to see her performance. I hope Dave Grohl and Krist Novaselic had fun. Also hope Courtney Love felt proud for Kurt. All members of the band should’ve been inducted though–excluding Chad Channing and Jason Everman is kinda lame.

“Talking Old Soldiers,” “Love Song” or “Levon”

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None of the energy of the original.

Would be stoked to win the Motorhead or Bad Brains pair. The Circle Jerks pair isn’t bad either.

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A man with a great voice should never use autotune to excess like this. Bon Iver pull your head out. You’re not a robot version of Aaron Neville, you have a unique voice. Use it.

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Too many bands, not enough fans.

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I hope Bon Iver doesn’t ruin their great voices with excessive vocal fx like he’s done on his own recent records.

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Can’pick a favorite. All of Abbey Road.