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 -4Posted on Jul 23rd | re: Caption The Sad Jack White Cubs Photo And Win A Prize (181 comments)

Mr. White Goes Black:

 -5Posted on Jul 23rd | re: Caption The Sad Jack White Cubs Photo And Win A Prize (181 comments)

Flirtin’ wit’ Burton

Looks like White is still a decent live draw.

Pay attention. I’m trying to help you. This is much more interesting than Kayne West’s entire life output. Listen closely and watch all 25 seconds. Can’t wait to see more plumber’s crack on the cover of GQ. It’s about to get REAL, y’all:

 -1Posted on Jul 20th | re: Eddie Vedder Covers "Imagine" In Case You Missed His Open Letter (14 comments)

“Speaking out against war” is easy. Creating peace is much, much more difficult. The vast majority of the people in the world want peace, but when bastards kill decent people you don’t blame victims or armies seeking to deal with very difficult situations–combat zones, etc. “Kumbaya in the Park for Justice” emboldens bastards to slaughter more because it’s not an active defense. When people murder people in civilization, they face stiff penalties. When nations invade other nations and harm the livelihood of large populations, someone needs to stand up and defend–that someone is a military. This cover of “Imagine” is nothing more than “Radical Chic,” some name-dropping from the stage to prove EV’s on the right “side” of things.

I’ll send a Uhaul by to pick up your instruments and recording gear, Eddie–so you can “Imagine no possessions.” I’ll also take the keys to your house and car(s), thanks. I could really use a studio at the moment to begin recording again. “The children of today should defend themselves against the ’70s…”

 -3Posted on Jul 20th | re: Eddie Vedder Covers "Imagine" In Case You Missed His Open Letter (14 comments)

Give me a break, Eddie. Call me up. We’ll spend a week together and we’ll talk reality. The Suburban model was flawed. The Megaburban model is the even more flawed. I loved John Lennon, but the man was literally and figuratively myopic. If you’re going to perform as an adult and make public statements as an adult, you better use your head enough to deal with reality like an adult. Airy-fairy bullshit will not bring about real and lasting peace. War is not caused by religion. It’s caused by scarcity, greed, geopolitics and host of other realpolitik factors. Peace will only be achieved through real and radical changes to national and global economies. You can’t just flash a “peace sign” and think you’re achieving peace. Same goes for eating veggie burritos in the Grateful Dead parking lot. It might win you a few friends amongst the bong-rip krew, but it’s not confronting reality the way true peace needs to. True peace is minimalist and genuinely economically conservative. And, true peace comes from God.

 -2Posted on Jul 18th | re: Watch A 19-Year-Old Kanye West Rap At Fat Beats (1 comments)

Much better MC then than he is now. Not great, but not bad. There’s a little off-the-street charm, which is soooo much more appealing than Kanye’s bloated joke of an ego. The DJ couldn’t cut his way out of a cardboard box though..

 -3Posted on Jul 17th | re: TV Party: First Aid Kit Talk Friends (6 comments)

I thought I liked First Aid Kit, but I’m not so sure anymore. There’s enough vapidity in the world without interviews about episodes of crap TV from the ’80-’90s. Now, about those silicone implants…