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 0Posted on Jan 29th | re: These Are Pandora's 10 Most Liked Songs Of All Time (29 comments)

oof that’s some list.

 0Posted on Jan 21st | re: Album Of The Week: Viet Cong Viet Cong (140 comments)

This is a truly unfortunate band name.

 0Posted on Dec 18th, 2014 | re: Watch Charli XCX On The Today Show (1 comments)

I like when she sings “Daahncing shoes” in her accent. And then my grandma dancing outside the studio.

 +2Posted on Nov 12th, 2014 | re: YouTube Launches Streaming Music Service (14 comments)

We’re lucky there are musicians who record music for reasons other than making a living, because I don’t think any of them gets paid anymore. It seems like all music is free now.

Lol the “upmost respect”

omg nooooo she’s a hideous monster from that side! Take it down take it down! Burn google image search to the ground! This is a legitimate concern for Ms. Grande.

Some people consider Georgia Regents University to be the “University of Phoenix of the South!”

 +5Posted on Aug 27th, 2014 | re: Grimes - "Go" Video (41 comments)

At first I hated this song because it doesn’t sound like a Grimes song. But I got over it and the song grew on me. So now I don’t hate this song. And the video is a thing that happened.

 -5Posted on Jun 17th, 2014 | re: The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far (253 comments)

Yikes, that’s one sad list. From reading all the comments, it looks like we can all agree that 2014 has been a mostly horrible year for music. Let’s hope the rest of year picks up.

The random capitalizations are bizarre. How did he decide which words to capitalize?