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FKA twigs – LP1

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I think I’m going to faint.

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Totally my thought, too. When London Queen limped out I really thought she’d lost it, and while it’s not my favourite track, it works on the album. And what an album! This is pop with coherence and vision. Nice work, Charli.

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Oh, and I meant to throw this in there. This review sums up my feelings pretty well:

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Eric Church is maybe my favourite male country singer, but only a few songs on this one really grab me. It’s just one of those albums that critics are loving and I don’t, making me suspicious that they’re overcompensating for having overlooked him in the past. But you really love the album, so obviously that’s not the case, and I’m glad he’s getting to a wider audience. I do think that other mainstream country men like Tim McGraw (too old, old news) and David Nail (not well-known enough) made better albums, and that’s saying nothing of a couple of the gals, like Lee Ann Womack and Sunny Sweeney, who really killed it this year. I guess I’m mostly sad that now that country is getting some shine here, it’s going to The Outsiders. But on the other hand, yay for Sturgill!

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This is BY FAR the best song on The Outsiders. I’m baffled as to how this album became a sexy critics’ pick this year. Did nobody hear Chief or Carolina? Are people just suddenly playing catch-up? Eric Church’s own perception of his outlaw status is driving his head further up his own ass, leading to tracks like ‘The Outsiders’, ‘That’s Damn Rock & Roll”, and “Devil, Devil”, all of which are embarrassing. There’s a good ep somewhere in The Outsiders, but taken as an album, it’s pretty brutal.

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I like this album a lot, and probably the only reason I’m just short of loving it is because I love Devotion so, so much. Where that album was “sparse and restrained” all the way through, this one feels like a juxtaposition of that and a much bigger pop sound. And that big sound results in all the moments that Tom praises here and that I’m not fond of. The melodramatic strings on ‘Pieces’ disturb the mood for me, and ugh, that Ed Sheeran song. I hope people aren’t turned off the album by Tom’s praise of that one, because for me it’s the dullest thing here.

But really, there’s so much here to love. ‘Sweetest Song’->’Kind of…’->’Want Your Feeling’ is an incredible run, and the title track is insidiously gorgeous. Great write-up, even if I don’t agree with every point.

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Me too.

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I have to laugh at the people saying things like, “In five years, no one will be listening to Tinashe!” What I’m basically hearing is, “An R&B artist cannot make an album equivalent in quality to (in this case) Caribou.” To me, on one hand you’ve got Caribou, an artist at the forefront of electronic music. On the other, you’ve got Tinashe, who absolutely is at the forefront of R&B. I don’t buy it that the genre of the music automatically makes for a lesser album.

I’ll absolutely be playing this in five years and beyond, just as I still play albums like Love Hate, The Evolution, and Aaliyah. I have Swim and Andorra, and I like them and find them interesting, but I listen to them far less than my favourite R&B.

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Oh my god, what is happening to her!? This is like a poorer produced Skye Sweetnam!

Then again, I hate Kids In America, too…