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Rrrr that was meant as a reply to emeightythree waaaaay above. Sigh.

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So basically, if an album doesn’t appeal to you, you shouldn’t comment? That would make these threads pretty one-sided, and I like seeing both sides of the discussion.

So far, “aesthetically displeasing” is a good way to express my feelings about this album. It’s abrasive in a way I’m not enjoying. The tracks I’m really liking (I Prefer Your Love, Severed Cross Fingers) are those that sound the most to me like “old” St. Vincent, but with just enough different touches to renew my interest in her. Aside from the small handful of tracks I’m digging, I feel like each good moment is counteracted by a grating left turn that leaves me scratching my head. None of this has to do with my feelings about her image; I’m aware she now has grey hair, but I wouldn’t think this would impact the tunes.

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My God, like half the comments are from the same obnoxious asshole! Fuck off and stop wasting everyone’s time, you inconsiderate shithead!

On first listen, pretty great song, not yet as arresting as Reflektor.

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I probably like Sheryl Crow more than most commenters here, but even I’m not going to bother with this one. Sheryl is in no way “indie” to your predominantly North American audience (even k-pop, which I love your posts on, could kind of be considered indie in the sense that it isn’t well known). But Sheryl has had no impact on indie music and hasn’t even been much in the popular consciousness for about ten years, so I’m just scratching my head at the subject of this feature’s debut. And to those who would say, “if you don’t like it, read something else”, that’s why I’m commenting – I’d like to read some thoughtful discourse on something else more relevant to the audience here.

This is just bizarre. Sure, ‘Blurred Lines’ was inspired by ‘Got to Give It Up’ and the 70s. A lot of the SOUNDS are similar – the bass, the percussion. But the actual patterns and riffs seem very different to me. It’s not like Santana could go around suing if people were using his guitar tone, so I don’t see how Thicke could be (successfully) sued for this.

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Wow, I couldn’t even get all the way through that.

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This will be my AOTW next week, too, but then, I just love what Washed Out does.

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Fantastic, love this guy!

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I think this is about the worst song on what I so far think is a really good album. I’m sad and nervous to see it receiving the single treatment, as it’s not too far removed from Gimmie That, which flopped. But this video can only help its fortunes. However she managed to wrangle the budget for this, it was money well spent.

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I agree 100% with this whale. The music is pedestrian, and does she even know what beat she’s rapping over? And her voice and the mixing sound awful! I’ve discovered some good stuff from this column, but listening to this gives me the same feeling of embarrassment that I get watching stand-up comedy. Eeeeeeeek.