The Green Album is the only album I’ve ever returned. Under “Reason for return”, I wrote, “Too short, bad”. I stand by my 20-year-old self’s assessment.

Until the rest of Q4 (possibly) blows them out of the water, La Roux, Mariah, and Tove are my pop albums of the year, with Tove and Mariah pretty much neck and neck in front. And if if y’all like those, too, you should check out Liz’s Y2K ep. Breezy R&B jams that sound like the early 2000s.

I’m so stoked to see Tove Lo getting love here! Indulge me, here’s my little Tove story:

In July 2013, my partner and I were walking across a bridge in Stockholm. I heard a familiar song and stopped to place it, and turned out it was Tove Lo’s Love Ballad. And it was live! We hightailed it back the way we came and caught her free set at an outdoor hotel bar. Afterwards, my partner talked me into loitering around in the hopes that Tove would happen by. She did! And she was very lovely as we gushed about how she was going to be big and would have to come play in Canada. And now, just a little over a year later, we’re seeing her tomorrow in Vancouver!

Queen of the Clouds is fantastic, too. Her Truth Serum ep was just a little above average, but this album has hooks, great production, idiosyncratic lyrics, a little humour…just everything you could want in a pop album. Chris, your write-up captures it perfectly.

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In a way, I’m glad this album is getting so much praise, as Put Your Back N 2 It was one of my favourite albums of 2012 and didn’t get enough attention. On the other hand, so far I’m finding Too Bright to be brittle, cold, and uninviting.

So I’m squarely on the Mr. Twin Sister train this week. That album’s warm, richly melodic vibe is the opposite of what I get from Too Bright, and it’s been pulling me in again and again.

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Yes! I thought the first three tunes we heard were pleasant but not exciting, and I was getting a little worried about this album. But this is excellent. It’s in her established soul vein but a little different, with a fully developed chorus. Love it.

Rats, I thought he was going to pull a lil wayne and sample all kinds of grunts.

I’m listening to Sam Stosur play Kaia Kanepi. Things are definitely a bleepin’ and a bloopin’, and it’s hard to say why.

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Agreed. After ‘Green Lady’ and the accompanying hype, I was pretty excited for this one. But I find the quality falls off precipitously after that track. ‘Telephone’ and ‘Little Killer’ sound particularly flimsy to me, and then the album just slowly wheezes out. This was a real disappointment.

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I love almost everything Tinashe does, her free mixtapes are better than most albums. ‘Ecstasy’ is one of my favourite songs, and this one sounds great, too.

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Rrrr that was meant as a reply to emeightythree waaaaay above. Sigh.

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So basically, if an album doesn’t appeal to you, you shouldn’t comment? That would make these threads pretty one-sided, and I like seeing both sides of the discussion.

So far, “aesthetically displeasing” is a good way to express my feelings about this album. It’s abrasive in a way I’m not enjoying. The tracks I’m really liking (I Prefer Your Love, Severed Cross Fingers) are those that sound the most to me like “old” St. Vincent, but with just enough different touches to renew my interest in her. Aside from the small handful of tracks I’m digging, I feel like each good moment is counteracted by a grating left turn that leaves me scratching my head. None of this has to do with my feelings about her image; I’m aware she now has grey hair, but I wouldn’t think this would impact the tunes.