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 +1Posted on Nov 22nd | re: Vitalogy Turns 20 (44 comments)

I’m kind of a so-so Pearl Jam fan, but I love “Corduroy” far more than any single piece of “classic” rock. For once, Pearl Jam really beat Led Zep, Neil Young, etc., at their own game, and decisively. Just a mind-blowingly perfect piece of music.

 +10Posted on Oct 31st | re: MTV Unplugged In New York Turns 20 (47 comments)

I think he means funny “weird,” not funny “ha ha.”


: causing laughter

: odd or strange

: not well : somewhat ill

Yeah, I’m gay too, and I think it’s silly to worry about him saying “suck my cock.” People need to save their rhetorical ammo for real homophobia. Besides, I have a hard time finding him very threatening.

 +2Posted on Oct 19th | re: Sleater-Kinney - "Bury Our Friends" (18 comments)

Mind is blown. Can’t believe that their comeback single is so good.

Amazing historical fact, but the song is just kind of blah.

 +2Posted on Sep 19th | re: Whip-Smart Turns 20 (24 comments)

Whip-Smart is definitely underrated. “Supernova” would be on my list of 100 best songs of the 90s. It’s weird that Exile in Guyville is the only one that ever gets remembered.

As for Whitechocolatespaceegg, I’d say that’s a harder call — quite interesting, but not on the level of Exile and Whip-Smart, though I’d be interested to hear a more extended argument for why it’s great. Maybe I should listen to that album again (it would be the first time doing so since the 90s).

 +8Posted on Jun 25th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

It’s silly to have a played-on-the-radio requirement for something to be eligible for song of the summer. I mean, people probably listen to internet radio way more than actual radio now anyway, and there’s no real real “overground” or “underground” anymore — it’s all one big mish-mash, with artists and sounds moving back and forth (for better or worse). Also, why bother having a poll to pick an “ubiquitous hit,” since it’ll be pretty obvious what’s “uniquitious”? I want to know what the Stereogum community thinks is the best summary song this summer, not what they think will be endlessly played on the radio (which they’re probably not even that good at judging anyway).

 0Posted on Jun 25th | re: Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2014 (183 comments)

I voted for Sia, but for the record, “Talking Backwards” is the song of the summer.

 +1Posted on Nov 19th, 2013 | re: GQ Responds To Kendrick Lamar Controversy (22 comments)

Great artists tend to be pretty sensitive. I mean, the novelist Claire Messud had a similar reaction during a pretty friendly interview earlier this year, since she felt she was being treated like a “woman writer” rather than just a writer. And just think about *every single moment* of Don’t Look Back.

 0Posted on Nov 13th, 2013 | re: David Lowery Leads Effort To Shut Down Lyric Websites Like Rap Genius (83 comments)

Because what the world needs now is another washed-up alt rocker copyright troll, like I need a hole in my head.