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Between this and the J Cole article, you should just have a new regular feature called "Unsolved Mysteries."
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August 25, 2016 on How The Hell Did Mudvayne Ever Win A VMA?
I'm sure you'll get the remix soon enough.
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August 23, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Frank Ocean Blonde
As long as we're drawing comparisons, the album this reminds me of is Yankee Hotel Foxtrot... precisely it reminds of the moment I first heard "Poor Places" as a fluke on WXRT way before the leak and I kind of felt like friendly, reliable Wilco had been pulled out into a string of particles along the event horizon of a black hole. This whole album is "Poor Places."
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August 22, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Frank Ocean Blonde
"Frank Ocean: sort of a cross between James Joyce and Guns n' Roses." I CONCUR.
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August 22, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Frank Ocean Blonde
I feel like that part in 2001 where they're watching the monolith that's just been sitting there God knows how long doing nothing and suddenly it's screaming.
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August 19, 2016 on Frank Ocean Debuts New Music On Livestream
I'd say "Your Best American Girl" is (so far) maybe the song of the year, yet I can't imagine it as song of the summer. I feel like song of the summer has to be something you could at least somewhat plausibly play at a BBQ. "Your Best American Girl" would make for a pretty sad and reflective BBQ.
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August 17, 2016 on Here Is Your Song Of The Summer 2016
Well looks like the Democrats have the indie vote all wrapped up now, cuz for a second there I thought they might break for Trump.
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August 11, 2016 on President Obama Listens To Chance The Rapper, Courtney Barnett, Fiona Apple
"The question, in my mind, is what 50 years from now looks like. These pop things used to be disposable." My guess: people will eventually gravitate to more tonally/rhythmically/etc. complex music as they get more free time due to automation.. With all that free time, you might ask well learn an instrument, and the second you get halfway good at it, you start understanding the nuances in jazz, classical, etc. But that's just a guess.
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August 6, 2016 on Tomorrow Never Knows: How 1966’s Trilogy Of Pet Sounds, Blonde On Blonde, And Revolver Changed Everything
Gives your beard that "extra virgin" flavor, I guess.
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August 5, 2016 on “Young Folks” Turns 10
Chance The Rapper - No Problem
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August 4, 2016 on Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2016
1979 is the muzak for the waiting room of the inner sanctum in the Goldman Penthouse.
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July 30, 2016 on Billy Corgan Discusses The New World Order On Infowars’ Batshit Anti-Hillary Fundraiser
I listened to that track... Really REALLY liked the last album, but this new track was pretty meh. Sorry, HTDW. Maybe it'll be a grower.
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July 30, 2016 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
Interesting to switch the genders on this.
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July 28, 2016 on Beach Slang – “Chopsticks” (Liz Phair Cover)
I would totally watch old episodes of 120 minutes right now.
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July 28, 2016 on VH1 Classic Rebrands As MTV Classic
At least this makes me feel somewhat better about my own 1998 battle of the bands performance.
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July 5, 2016 on Watch Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon In A High School Battle Of The Bands From 1998
I hate to be all negative, but... is "Sound Of Silver" the last great New York album? I mean, there's kind of a "New York" genre that runs from the Velvet Underground onward through the Dolls and Television and Sonic Youth up to the Strokes, etc. I really feel like this album is the end of the line and the epitaph.
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June 22, 2016 on Read An Excerpt From The New 33⅓ Book On LCD Soundsystem’s Sound Of Silver
So what you're saying is that Pearl Jam should've just brought a class action lawsuit?
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June 18, 2016 on Ticketmaster May Have Free Tickets For You Right Now
I approve Lou Barlow's new hairstyle.
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May 25, 2016 on Dinosaur Jr. – “Tiny”
These are all the parts of the 90s I wanted to forget but which are actually the 90s.
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May 20, 2016 on Bringing Down The Horse Turns 20
Sounds like Trump has found his Vice President.
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May 11, 2016 on London Fest Drops Azealia Banks For Racist Comments About Zayn
I agree on Anohni. Even Fuzari had the good sense to not do 10 political songs in a row :-p
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May 8, 2016 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
Legitimately amazing song. Indie rock lives!
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April 15, 2016 on The 5 Best Videos Of The Week
I was all set to defend "Community of Hope," and then I actually listened to it, and I was like... meh. I don't get the sense that she made the same imaginative leap like she did with "Let England Shake." I think the only way to make a defense of the song is that it's somehow about seeing a crummy situation and feeling bad but not really being able to do anything about it. Not that I'm saying I would make that defense.
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April 11, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: PJ Harvey The Hope Six Demolition Project
Hopefully universal health insurance will cover Bonnie Bear's hair plugs.
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April 2, 2016 on Watch Justin Vernon Speak At A Bernie Sanders Rally In Eau Claire
For some reason the beard scares me. Very Lord of the Rings.
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March 26, 2016 on Michael Stipe Will Make His Debut Solo TV Performance On Fallon Next Week
The bands you list (Titus, etc.) are all great, but for most, their best album is probably behind them. At this point they're all trying to do an "Automatic for People," not a "Murmur." Not quite as exciting. As a depressive caucasian bro, I have to admit that depressive caucasian bro rock is kinda having a bit of a rough patch, and that makes me depressed.
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March 18, 2016 on Sorority Noise And Pinegrove Save Indie Rock At SXSW