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 0Posted on Apr 8th | re: The Roots - "When The People Cheer" (3 comments)

This is the most consistent comment about the Roots: “they are consistent, Black Thought is underrated”.

 0Posted on Apr 8th | re: Girl Talk & Freeway - "I Can Hear Sweat" (Feat. Jadakiss) (2 comments)

Wow, didn’t place that sample first time, and I’ve been listening to NIN heavily recently

 +2Posted on Mar 21st | re: Mixtape Of The Week: Vince Staples Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 (8 comments)

Just to add to the Hive talk, Earl himself declared Staples verse on that song to be his favourite verse of 2013 both times I saw him his year. He rapped it acapella.

 +5Posted on Mar 17th | re: Courtney Love Solves Missing Malaysian Plane Mystery (33 comments)

I don’t, plz explain?

 +3Posted on Mar 17th | re: Tyler, The Creator Arrested For Inciting A Riot At SXSW (65 comments)

When I first heard about it, I thought it was a really stupid move from Tyler.

But from that footage above, it looked like there was a load of space in the venue. It wasn’t filled to the brim, so to speak.

 +3Posted on Mar 14th | re: SXSW Crash Suspect Was There To Perform (27 comments)

I’m thinking rejectedjeffdunhampuppet was perhaps being sarcastic about the “disappeared into poverty and obscurity”?

“He’s gangsta, ain’t he?”


 +1Posted on Mar 4th | re: Premature Evaluation: Rick Ross Mastermind (18 comments)

I actually prefer Ross over expensive soul samples (Thug Cry) or cheesy laid-back (Yacht Club from Deeper than Rap)

 -2Posted on Feb 24th | re: James Blake Teases Kanye Collab (2 comments)

Every time I see that photo, I remember how amazing his hair is.

 0Posted on Feb 14th | re: Odd Future Banned From New Zealand (13 comments)

Funnily enough, Earl Sweatshirt got let in just two weeks ago