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Conor Oberst kissed some girl too, and it was more a kiss than that. She jumped the barrier and ran to center-stage and he grabbed by the ears from on stage and laid it on her as security tried to pull her out of Conor’s grip.

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I don’t mind them dancing to things. But dancing well would be nice. If only there was a way to make sure that every Glee fan that sees this video sees the vastly superior actual video for the song.

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In my humble opinion this is the best of the track’s we’ve heard.

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You missed one that was posted on this site even:

Unless there’s no non-video audio of it out there or it doesn’t count for some reason. It was pretty lame.

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Really high quality live video of three of the songs (two for sure):

Age of Adz:

Impossible Souls:

There’s Too Much Love (Re-titled to Too Much?):

These songs are a year old! Can’t wait to hear them on record though.