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See, we don't need a Friday Night Lights movie after all!
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December 11, 2012 on Kid, You’ve Got What It Takes
The Beatles (White Album) is probably my favorite. I think in some ways hearing this as a child opened my mind to the possibilities of the "album" as a format, something that has informed my listening habits to this day.
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November 15, 2012 on Win A Remastered Beatles Vinyl Box Set
She's not wearing white.
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July 20, 2012 on Let’s Never Have An Underwater Wedding
I married Amanda Seyfried in a different show.
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July 20, 2012 on Friday Giveaway: Breaking Bad Season 4 On Blu-Ray And A Poster!
I'm much happier as a Charmander than I was as a Charboyder.
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June 25, 2012 on Everybody Hurts