And then you realize Help!, Rubber Soul, and Revolver were all released within 12 months and it blows your mind.

A more recent example: Ty Segall has released approximately 96 albums over the course of 5 years and they’re all good to great.

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Face to Face

I’m Waiting for the Man

When the Levee Breaks

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Nocturne would also be in my top 10 of the decade so far. Good call!

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My review: “It’s a middling pop album and does not warrant in-depth analysis. To do so would be missing the point, as all good pop music is escapism. An escape from things like in-depth analysis, and the stressors of real life.”

I’ll read 10 reviews analyzing Diamond Dogs or Bringing It All Back Home before reading one analysis of Thriller or, in this case, 1989 (and I have).

Obviously you’ll disagree with me regarding analysis of pop, but for me every word written about a pop album takes something away from it.

P.S. Don’t ask me why I picked Diamond Dogs and BIABH. Actually, you can ask. Answer: I’ve been listening to a lot of glam Bowie and electric Dylan of late. That is all.

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It’s very Black Saint and the Sinner Lady at times. Which is of course a very good thing.

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Slide Away

running to stand still, if you will.