Sorry, but February’s best soundtrack moment was Batman’s song in The Lego Movie.

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yes. many times yes.

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Slasher Flick’s ‘Little Fang’ was song of the week. In my heart, at least.

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I’m sure a ‘Hard Fidelity’ .gif in this thread will win in this week’s best comments. Wish I knew which one. :S

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Watching, not judging.

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That “Here Comes the Night Time-Normal Person-You Already Know” stretch is pretty much perfect, no?

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I have to say Modern Vampires of the City all the way. Masterpiece.

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Here are Pitchfork’s Ryan Schreiber’s notes on his first listen, back in January

So yeah, BNM. No backtracking here.

Not that it makes any difference, tho.