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just wait for the mars volta and das racist reunions

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that’s exactly what I was getting at

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both the super-short songs on Viva are pretty fantastic

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Suedehead’s where it belongs
Maladjusted’s missing though
pretty confident Optimistic off Kid A is a take on Maladjusted

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I think if you listen to Jonny’s solo work or even Ed’s old soundtrack work you’ll see that that lush, orchestrated/jazzy sonic element and those ethereal synth-guitar noises respectively that are notably absent from The Eraser and Amok are their doing rather than Thom’s. Ed has referenced in interviews that there actually is a slightly “rockist” member of Radiohead, but it’s not him, and it’s presumably not Thom or Jonny. I don’t remember Ed’s exact words, but it was something wonderful along the lines of “no, I’m a bit of a pothead so… I like the weird music.”

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What’s this about all sounds and no melodies? Reverse Running (which could totally just be a Radiohead song) and Ingenue had me up out of my chair dancing and singing along the first time I heard them. I was singing the through-line of Unless at a man in the street five minutes after I got out of my car yesterday. I’m not joking when I say I’ve had the choruses of Default and What the Eyeballs Did stuck in my head for months. Like Lotus Flower, shit is straight-up pop, y’all mad. I love TKOL more than most (word to the wise: pepper the b-sides and non-album tracks from the period throughout, it really shines in the context of Twisted Words, Hearing Damage, Feeling Pulled Apart, Staircase, Butcher) but Amok’s songs are surely more immediate.

I just really never want Yorke & co. to repudiate Kid A by going less experimental. Luckily, they don’t seem to be in any danger of doing so. I wouldn’t mind a little wider-screen (I’d love a Radiohead album where the string and horn at the levels of Bloom and The National Anthem ran all the way through, though In Rainbows almost has that with strings), and deployed properly (a-la The Butcher), heavily-effected guitar is still Radiohead’s best secret weapon, but I’d be really disappointed if Yorke and any collaborators issued a largely guitar album at this point unless it was explicitly Twisted Words-style krautrock, or skeletal I Might Be Wrong/Reverse Running-style pieces, or exploring their slow-burn Talk Talk roots or something equally forward-thinking to his electronic stuff.

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“Part of the reason [the album] is accessible is because we don’t try to go out of the box or be innovative. We just try to play music we like to hear.”

“If you give [listeners] a list of influences that come from everywhere and every genre, then there’s something for everyone and people seem more intrigued by you as a band.”

What’s wrong with either of those statements? Ignorance of Prince/dislike of the Smiths is a lot worse. I’m a medium fan of An Awesome Wave, it’s not as good as the opening couple tracks promise it might be, but that review struck me as an Ian Cohen-level hack job.

You could take the second quote super cynically, but what kind of artist today with eclectic tastes doesn’t actually have influences that come from everywhere and every genre? I read it more as not only referencing people that look like you or bands that superficially sound like you as your influences. You see plenty of other “indie” artists now referencing pop, hip-hop, electronic, outré and oldie influences and that’s what everybody I know listens to so I really don’t see it as cynical. And again, ∆’s NOT MY FAVORITE BAND OR ANYTHING. The Battles-esque major key fast elements can be grating to me.

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Super on purpose!

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This seems like a goofy way to evaluate a group like Radiohead that seems like it puts effort into ensuring some of its essential listening isn’t on its albums. Here’s some alternate tracklists that might improve the standings of some of their periods, especially the two lowest-ranking ones. If you’re a big Radiohead fan but consider their original tracklists sacrosanct, I’d point out that’s kind of counter to their ethos (there was so much acrimony over the HTTT tracklist that Thom posted his own). Besides, they’re not that different anyway.

THE KING OF LIMBS: Bloom / Morning Mr Magpie / Hearing Damage / These Are My Twisted Words / Little by Little / Feral / Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses / Lotus Flower / Codex / The Butcher / Staircase / Separator

IN RAINBOWS: 15 Step / Bodysnatchers / Nude / Weird Fishes / All I Need / Faust Arp / Reckoner / House of Cards / Down Is the New Up / Jigsaw Falling into Place / Go Slowly / Videotape / 4 Minute Warning

HAIL TO THE THIEF: 2+2=5 / Sail to the Moon / Sit down, Stand up / Backdrifts / I Am a Wicked Child / Go to Sleep / Where I End and You Begin / We Suck Young Blood / The Gloaming / Scatterbrain / There There / Paperbag Writer / Myxomatosis / A Wolf at the Door / Gagging Order

AMNESIAC: Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box / Pyramid Song / Fast-Track / You and Whose Army? / I Might Be Wrong / Trans-Atlantic Drawl / Cuttooth / Knives Out / The Amazing Sounds of Orgy / Dollars & Cents / Hunting Bears / Like Spinning Plates / Life in a Glasshouse

KID A: Great job!

OK COMPUTER: Airbag / Paranoid Android / Subterranean Homesick Alien / Exit Music for a Film / A Reminder / Karma Police / Meeting in the Aisle / Fitter Happier / Electioneering / Polyethylene, Parts 1 & 2 / Climbing up the Walls / No Surprises / Lucky / The Tourist

EARLY YEARS: Coke Babies / Creep / The Bends / Permanent Daylight / Talk Show Host / Nice Dream / Just / The Trickster / Lozenge of Love / Maquiladora / Sulk / Bishop’s Robes / Blow Out

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