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Son Lux.

How odes one identify flaws in Death Grips music? What do they look like?

“This is going to be Wayne Coyne someday.” is perfect.

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That’s a jam.

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I don’t think we need Spoon to make synthy dance music too.

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“Nice shirt, you get that from your cousin or something.” This guy Letterman.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Spotify somehow cracks down on this kind of behavior, not just for this album but all albums. Something like determining if a song is being played multiple times back to back and then not making the subsequent plays count toward earnings. They will ruin it somehow.

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Arguably the funniest show on TV?

True, but it seems a bit odd that Duran Duran would expect to have to approve things if their contract is as such. It’s not the first time they’ve had to license music.

How do large corporations continue to make the mistake of not licensing a song (and often an extremely popular and recognizable song) over and over again. Don’t they have lawyers, or are they operating out of the back of a radio-flyer?