But I’ve always thought that Journey rips off “Be My Music,” from the “Fame” TV show:

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Re: “All Apologies” featuring a cello, “an addition to the band’s sound that might have seemed unimaginable only three years earlier.” Um, there was a cello on “Something In The Way” on ‘Nevermind,’ an inclusion that I certainly took notice of, and for me, makes that track the amazing piece it is.

(Also, you’ve got “No Apologies” in place of “All Apologies” in the first sentence. Would be great for SPIN to employ some copy editors/proofreaders.)

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“Eleanor Rigby.”

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It’s not available as a free download in the U.S., but only via iTunes UK’s 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

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Since k.d lang and Melissa Etheridge made the list, perhaps ‘Svede’ is really the lesbian jazz chanteuse who successfully sued the London band Suede over the rights to the name in the U.S.? (The London Suede was never quite as catchy.)

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“Living In A Box” by, er, Living In A Box, a top 20 hit in 1987. How soon we forget.

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“Take To The Sky,” hands down.

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Ha, on first glimpse, I thought the chaffeur was Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

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No, I think you’re right, Alan. The original performance is from another BBC program called “Something Else,” hosted by Tony Wilson. Looks like at some point the original footage — seen here: — was rebroadcast under the John Peel In Sessions banner, which is what the German guy used for the basis of his stop-motion animation piece. Regardless of origin, this Playmobil translation is amazing.

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Is that Labelle?