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Fucking forgot Punch and Hostage Calm jesus christ stereogum

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Ugh, nearly impossible choice. Pop Song 89 comes to mind first.

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Surf’s Up for sure.

The live version of I Am One from Earphoria / Viewphoria.

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They need a new name. Dads from NJ are a great and very established band (whose new song debuted on AV Club) and I would hate for them to get confused with these guys.

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1.The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer
2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
3. Major Lazer – Free The Universe
4. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Whenever, If Ever
5. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
6. Deafheaven – Sunbather
7. Chelsea Light Moving – Chelsea Light Moving
8. Xiu Xiu & Eugene S. Robinson – Sal Mineo
9. Iggy & The Stooges – Ready To Die
10. Matmos – The Marriage Of True Minds
11. David Bowie – The Next Day
12. Eels – Wonderful, Glorious
13. Little Women – Lung
14. Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy
15. Big K.R.I.T. – King Remembered In Time
16. Melvins – Everybody Loves Sausages
17. Grave Babies – Crusher
18. Old Gray – An Autobiography
19. The Uncluded – Hokey Fright
20. Lost Society – Fast Loud Death
21. Xenia Rubinos – Magic Trix
22. Church Of Misery – Thy Kingdom Scum
23. The Drones – I See Seaweed
24. Tegan And Sara – Heartthrob
25. Depeche Mode – Delta Machine

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Narrow Stairs, always has been, always will

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Abbey Road, no question. Not necessarily my favorite album of all time, but it is, without a doubt, the greatest album ever recorded. Everything about it is absolutely perfect.

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So what the hell was Elvis Costello doing there unannounced?