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I love how “fans” of an artist’s work always think they’re owed more.

Mental illness ain’t nothing to fuck with. (Also, digital audio doesn’t work that way, frequencies inaudible to human range are filttered out.)

The worst part is Bluewater doesn’t even pay people to make their terrible exploitation dreck.

Horseshit. She chooses the imagery she flirts with, she’s a big girl, she can handle being questioned about her choices. If not, she can decline being interviewed or change the imagery she uses.

They were smart enough to quit whilte they were ahead. Weiland isn’t, and he’s not smart enough not to burn his bridges in public either.

Never a big STP fan, but I feel for the DeLeo bros having to deal with his tiresome junkie BS all those years.

“Don’t go making this a male-centric issue” said the two guys discussing what another guy needs to do.

Wow, edgy: a lazy swipe at a dude from NSync who’s not Timberlake. A real burn would be addressing the Arcade Fire as irrelevant (because they are) or maybe even not breathlessly reporting the antics of tiresome blog-bait artists who worship Kanye’s headline-grabbing desperation to fill the void within.

Guys, guys. There’s no need to argue. Both your bands are terrible, watered down crap for morons.

Steve was always a good singer, but a lot of those Journey songs really don’t hold up well at all.

I remember watching Under Great White Northern Lights and coming away thinking that spending any time around Jack at all would be really tiresome.

His overreliance on gimmicks, relentless self-promotion, and crippling insecurity says more about him than any of his music ever has.