Good song but the visuals bring it into the WTF realm. What if John Lennon’s son was just an accountant or customer service rep in Terra haute, IN. Would be infinitely less predictable.

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I don’t know what is better, this song or Stone’s Joe Strummer Fauxhawk? Seriously liking both.

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The second single from NU-Black Flag is out today, “theChase”. I happened to find it on Rdio– not sure where else it is available.

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I think this is VW’s direct response to Outkast’s “hey Ya”. Catchy vs. Paul simon Graceland B-sides

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This is infinitely better than anyone expected. You can hate it or LIKE it– just no hating it. Just as long as Ginn saves his “best” stuff from the crap that is Good For You. I give him maybe 7 decent songs and 1 really good song. i bet they open with “You Bet I got Something Personal Against You” aka Ode to the Circle Jerks aka ode to Keith

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Rollins already did the West Memphis 3 Flag reunions which featured Dukowski and Morris. Either Black Flag or Flag your don’t lose out… Those lineups are Henry’s fave’s!

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Honestly– how much ativan/valium did he need to take. The guy was like butter. Self deprecating and easy going. Maybe he found that magic amount of drugs to keep him smoothe…

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The bass line defintely rips off the Dr. Who theme..

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Not quite adding anything or make this song worse.