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I’m So Tired

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My best friend in middle school’s favorite bands were Tool and Dave Matthews Band, so HA! My anecdote is more relevant than yours! (Just kidding, I get what you’re sayin’)

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Cat’s Blues was the first song I’d heard by Will Oldham. From there I fell in love with Viva Last Blues and eventually branched out to his other work, but I still have a special place in my heart for this album.

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It really is true that among any Molina fan there will be a wide range of favorites. Axxess & Ace is what got me into his work, but there are so many songs I’ve found from there that speak to me. It’s really hard to know quite what to say once someone like Jason Molina is gone, but I think Sam did a great job here of summing up many of our feelings about his music.

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Jason Molina’s music and lyrics helped me through a lot of hard times and influenced my own writing in so many ways. I didn’t know him personally, but I still feel extremely affected by his death. Rest in peace, Jason.

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I was shocked to see Yawn Yawn Yawn was left off the list. Easily my favorite Les Savy Fav song up there with We’ll Make A Lover Of You.

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At what point did Star Slinger stop making soulful electronic music and start making shitty rap beats?

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Is it just me or does no one here look like they’re actually having that much fun? The majority of the audience is recording it with their iPhone for some cheap thrills later. Drunk chick on the bench is the only one enjoying herself. I can tell you if I paid the kinda money these guys did for SS Coachella I would be living it up.

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I’m really surprised John Talabot’s “Fin” didn’t make the cut. Did it just come out so early in the year that everyone forgot about it? It’s definitely one of the best electronic albums to come out in the last few years.

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I was a bit put off by the list until I read your comment. You’re right… The Mountain Goats are one of those artists that really hit you in the feels. I’d probably put “Full Force Galesburg” in my top 5, but I could also see how someone could put “We Shall All Be Healed” in that spot (where as it’d probably be far lower on my list.