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Ah, Cary already said essentially the same thing. As you were.

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I can see something like what Jimmy Fallon does on his show working here; have an elevated semi circle around the back of the stage perhaps, standing room only. VIP, family and friends can stand and watch from there, a bird’s eye view of the band playing directly below them (albeit facing in the other direction). This satisfies two things for the average VIP attendee, I would think; the need to be seen by others, and the need to feel above everyone else. Other than that, though, fuck’em; get in line and wait around the stage all day for front row position like the rest of us.

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This guy deserves to be playing Jack White-type gigs; headlining Glastonbury, that sort of stuff. He just rocks so hard.

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Oh no.

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“Use your brain before you talk. Better yet, go unplug the Ethernet cable from the back of your computer and then go think long and hard about how stupid you are to believe such a idiot story”

Such a dope concluding statement.

Wayne needs to step up his lie-game. That Arcade Fire ‘true version of events’ was such bullshit, it hurt to read,.

Dammit, that was a reply to Michael_

You’re like Donald Trump on Letterman
“It’s an easy question, yes or no?”
“it’s not easy because I’m thoughtful”

Seriously, don’t cop out of your ignorant statements regarding incarceration patterns because the venue is informal. If you can take the time to read the article then you can take the time to respond thoughtfully.

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I believe it’s pronounced, “ma wiiiiieeeeeff”

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This is exactly what I wanted it to be.