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“Use your brain before you talk. Better yet, go unplug the Ethernet cable from the back of your computer and then go think long and hard about how stupid you are to believe such a idiot story”

Such a dope concluding statement.

Wayne needs to step up his lie-game. That Arcade Fire ‘true version of events’ was such bullshit, it hurt to read,.

Dammit, that was a reply to Michael_

You’re like Donald Trump on Letterman
“It’s an easy question, yes or no?”
“it’s not easy because I’m thoughtful”

Seriously, don’t cop out of your ignorant statements regarding incarceration patterns because the venue is informal. If you can take the time to read the article then you can take the time to respond thoughtfully.

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I believe it’s pronounced, “ma wiiiiieeeeeff”

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This is exactly what I wanted it to be.

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Ok, that’s a fair distinction. I guess what I’m leaning towards is more of a ‘it was without his consent but not against his will’ scenario. He didn’t agree to it, but he sure didn’t try to stop her, either, and so we should be careful not to equate this with..well, not to use a term as useless as ‘real’ sexual assault, but sexual assault that has real victims, real violence and real submission, not just a rapper who was surprised when a stranger undid his fly.

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Hahaha, ummmm good point? You didn’t reverse the sexes. You reversed the sexes, and then changed entire quotes and scenarios to fit your point. He didn’t grab her shoulders; he palmed the back of her head. He wasn’t on a sidewalk, or whatever other ‘rape’ scenario you’re going for here; he was on stage. And you don’t address any of my other points. HAD you simply reversed the sexes, my argument still stands. Did you hit ‘reply’ too early? Is there a joke here I’m missing? Or did you really think that was a legitimate response, that actual discourse proceeds in such a manner?

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I don’t mean to assume how a person should react to being sexually assaulted, but responding to Lamar’s tweet with an apparent boast about never “missing a bar”, not to mention the picture of Brown appearing to palm the back of the woman’s head, and finally the idea of allowing a women to unzip your pants and pull out your dick without you having a chance to, if indeed you didn’t want to do this, back away from her (I know she mentions that he tried to, but that’s bullshit. Unless the stage was a foot deep, he could have backed away plenty far enough to escape this woman’s advances. She mentions rappers not wanting to appear anything less than a pussy craving sex fiend in front of peers, but come on, when has Brown ever cared about appearances?)…I know, I guess what I’m saying is that this wasn’t sexual assault. It was a rapper getting a blowjob on stage, and happy to do so.

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Meah. They record the track with live instrumentation (Nile Rodgers!) just to use the same 10 second loop for the ENTIRE song (save for a few small portions)? Pharrell gives a pretty uninspired vocal performance, and no doubt left the studio with his brow permanently furrowed from many hours of deliberation over what words to rhyme with “far” and “sun” in the chorus (“Car! No, no…Czar! No..”–Pharrell), and then to close it off, Daft Punk interjects with exactly what you’d assume they would, the same garbage Pharrell spewed out of his food hole, but in the voice of Robots BECAUSE THEY’RE ADULTS (that last dig was unnecessary, I admit). This song has a good groove, sure, but one that wears thin after a few listens. I hope the rest of it is better.