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Because you know – it’s about the music.

 0Posted on Mar 21st | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (1 comments)

The xiu xiu video was cool.

 0Posted on Mar 20th | re: The Week In Pop: The Mis-MGMT Of Foster The People (85 comments)

I would dance around on stage like Mark Foster if I had the moves. And if I performed music.

 0Posted on Mar 13th | re: 2 Dead In SXSW Hit-And-Run (50 comments)

Mea culpa. I have the reading comprehension of a guy with bad reading comprehension.

 0Posted on Mar 13th | re: 2 Dead In SXSW Hit-And-Run (50 comments)

What is this a reply to?

 0Posted on Mar 10th | re: HudMo & Zomby Got Into A Fist Fight, Then Took It To Twitter (21 comments)

Part of me is like, “Who cares?” – only because I don’t know these folks personally, we aren’t friends, and whether they are or not means little to me.

Another part of me is like, “What a bunch of assholes!” – because they sound like a bunch of douchbag, bro-y, assholes.

The last part of me is hungry.

 +3Posted on Feb 28th | re: Owen Pallett - "The Riverbed" Video & "On A Path" (4 comments)

The fact that I’m the first person to comment on this makes everyone else just seem like boring nerds. This is awesome and more people should give a fuck!

 +1Posted on Feb 26th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (107 comments)

Apparently he’s been banned a number of times. So he’s had more than his fair share of “chances.” I don’t care if he’s nice in person. Most of us don’t have the privilege of knowing him as a person, just an angry bully troll.

Should he be banned? Shouldn’t he? The stereogum staff should just make a decision. But he’s a terrible presence and I personally don’t like how he treats me and others. Hence why I think he should be and remain being banned.

 +9Posted on Feb 22nd | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (107 comments)

Why? I was surprised he hadn’t been banned sooner after he’s threatened to sue several other folks (myself included), harassing and bullying us all. Apparently he’s been banned before.

Terrible terrible terrible (terrible) idea.

 +2Posted on Feb 12th | re: Xiu Xiu's "Black Dick" Video Premieres On PornHub (17 comments)

Actually, fuck that. I’m assuming you do know an adequate amount about Xiu Xiu – enough to form an opinion. Fine. Whatever.

Fuck you for thinking that you know the following things about me: 1) I am transphobic, 2) I am cis, 3) I am not a woman, 4) I am not a woman with a dick, 5) I don’t know what transphobia is.

Your upset because a video full of pornographic material included material with trans people in it. Good for you. No representation at any cost.