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i’ve been a neil fan for a long time but he’s out of his gourd these days. my last neil show was with the horse in seattle for psychedelic pill. neil, pancho, billy and ralph. that’s where i’ll end it. i’ll pass on the daryl hannah era.

hmmm….i guess this is what the butte locals feared when they saw black flag on the bill for the evel knievel days. how shocking!

i think rollins might have covered that after his misguided suicide rant.

bingo zachary. he’s having fun and getting a little pub for himself.

mark is playing this deal like a pro. it’s great pub, he’s causing a faux controversy that people are feeding into, he’s got the hillbilly shirt to sell and is likely selling more product and hopefully the fillmore gig happens with koz cheesing it up on his axe.

 0Posted on Sep 24th | re: The Kinks Albums From Worst To Best (32 comments)

there was a stretch when i was reading and thinking “what a great album”. i looked at the number and i was only in the mid teens. wow, the kinks were good. i’m glad i got to see them (u.k. jive tour—they played lots of the good stuff).

 +4Posted on Sep 18th | re: The CD Still Rules In Japan (16 comments)

lossless rips are exactly the same as the cd. if the download sounds like shit, you’re not getting the proper file type.

 +3Posted on Sep 18th | re: U2 Are Planning To Save The Music Business (36 comments)

neil young has been a little loopy lately. u2 had better watch their backs.

 0Posted on Sep 18th | re: Win The Beatles In Mono 14-LP Vinyl Box Set (1455 comments)

fuck facebook. so i’m ineligible.

rubber soul

 +7Posted on Sep 15th | re: Sun Kil Moon: "The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick" (67 comments)

like mark, i spent my formative years in northeast ohio. this is how people talk there. instead of “hello” it’s “fuck you”. it’s constant shit talking. none of it is serious but it does get annoying.