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 +5Posted on Sep 15th | re: Sun Kil Moon: "The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick" (55 comments)

like mark, i spent my formative years in northeast ohio. this is how people talk there. instead of “hello” it’s “fuck you”. it’s constant shit talking. none of it is serious but it does get annoying.

i’m so glad that i bought two of them. number one is still kicking. two is waiting for one’s death and i have an old 64 gb as another back up. hopefully neil young gets his head out of his ass and makes a reasonably priced pono with a ton of storage but so far it seems like another bait and switch.

 +9Posted on Sep 8th | re: How To Dress Well Defends Sun Kil Moon's Hopscotch Outburst (26 comments)

kozelek stated at the seattle show were he was pissed that he was “spilling his guts out on stage”. it’s damn hard to put the painful truth into music and perform it in front of people who treat the scene like background music at a circle jerk.

at which show doesn’t kozelek go off on someone or the crowd? as scott lapatine stated, it’s part of his schtick. if he had a microphone in his hand standing next to a stool with a glass of water instead of a chair and a guitar people would be rolling.

i was at the seattle show earlier this year when he got into it with the crowd and ripped the interviewer who asked him repeatedly about richard ramirez as if kozelek was a guy cutting up people’s pets in his basement. that was the biggest crowd of assholes i have ever sat with. chatting during the whole show like they were at a cocktail party. bitching about reverb (the guy likes reverb, so do a lot of people). kozelek ripped them all new assholes and played a stellar show. overall, it was like going to a good comedy show with incredible guitar playing and a solid band. i hope he releases that show as one of his bonus cds.

 0Posted on Aug 28th | re: AC/DC Albums From Worst To Best (40 comments)

ac/dc isn’t the greatest band, certainly have a lot of dumb lyrics and never very their sound much. i llke them a lot and have unfortunately never seen them in concert. for those that hate ac/dc, the solo to “ride on” is better than anything in your collection.

good on hank. i’m looking forward to reading his piece. hopefully he has learned that a disease cannot be defeated merely by flexing a muscle at it.

i’m not a doctor either hank, but i know that the brain is an organ much like the rest of the organs in the body. my non-medical self also knows that organs can succumb to diseases of all kinds. the view that suicide is somehow a choice made by a rational, healthy mind is as irrational as suicide itself.

 +2Posted on Aug 11th | re: Fugazi To Release Their First Demo (7 comments)

guy’s work on vic chesnutt’s “north star deserter” and “at the cut” is great. working with vic stands right along side being a part of the great fugazi.

bad taste, huh? i’ve listened to a lot of prog in my life. i’m sure he and have many bands in common that we both enjoy. unfortunately, heritage sucked. it exhibited some of the worst tendencies of prog. too much of a focus on technicality, time signatures and key changes without a lick of quality songwriting.

if goblin is his latest influence that gives hope to the new one. as far as heritage goes, it’s a hapless imitation of prog.

 0Posted on Jul 28th | re: Dozens Of Keith Urban Fans Get Too Fucked Up In Boston (12 comments)

more good ol’ fashioned country (with lot’s of vomit!).