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(er, that one point was oblique)
restated: put your self back in 2004-05―whom do you bet on going forward, to (continue to) make great album(s) and improve/innovate and be your Favorite / Regarded-Most-Highly Indie Rock Band? (or whatever)

to be clear: the contrast was The National and Spoon vs. all those others (whose decline/descent was stark, unexpected, vindicating, sudden, and/or gradual etc)

Antics and Alligator both have amazing sequencing, two of my favorites. but “the rest is history” yanno…
(and as good as they were live in 2007, seeing final show of Antics tour, Oct. 2005, before hiatus was great but bittersweet, as sorta “end to (original) Interpol” in retrospect)

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September 8, 2014 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

haven’t tried yet, but looking forward now―thanks dvx and RJ, for encouraging (to even bother with this album again).
when to sequence “The Depths”? a redeeming track, indeed…
(there’s actually instrumental moments! unlike suffocating over-load of lyrics―with direct, effects-less vocals―that ruins LPs 3-5, chief detriment I’ve realized.)

especially intrigued by RJ’s note that this revised “sequencing gives it more of an ‘Antics’ vibe.”
That’s their best start-to-finish ALBUM, with damn-near perfect order.

contrast: The National have been on a pretty unparalleled ride of excellent sequencing for 4 albums, epitomized by Boxer (a ‘masterclass’ in the technique)
I look back to 2004-05 with massive regard & pride & appreciation for those guys, who still haven’t gotten their (commensurate) ‘due’―whom to have “bet on” going forward: Interpol (after 2 great albums), Arcade Fire, Bloc Party (and to much lesser extents Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Animal Collective, Sufjan, The Black Key$, Bright Eyes, The Decemberists…)

on that note, and on-topic, protip: I’ve loved Spoon’s (already fantastic) They Want My Soul even more by playing “Inside Out” 9th rather than its inexplicable 2nd spot!
TL;DR can’t underscore strongly enough RJ’s last point
―how ’bout a Re-sequence / sequence-appreciation thread?

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September 8, 2014 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

honestly, been anticipating this LP for a year: besides EP, they were great last Sept. opening for Washed Out. Let’s hope album is more like EP than the above satire (especially not including all 4 EP tracks, particularly “Wings,” like Haim & Chvrches LPs)…

if not, there’s still GEMS!

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September 2, 2014 on HAERTS – “Giving Up”

Columbia A&R ‘suit’, sometime Nov. ’13 – June ’14:
“we need a single. what if you could HAIM it up in the chorus?
and then a CHVRCHES kinda bridge to the easy HAIM looping-chorus non-ending outro…?”

Nini Fabi: “have you haerd Hemiplegia? sigh” ◔_◔

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September 2, 2014 on HAERTS – “Giving Up”

can only assume it’s ‘homage’ to one of several ‘founders’… ◔_◔
(listen for it)

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January 11, 2014 on The Coachella 2014 Poster Font Size Hunger Games

FYI, Consequence of Sound just updated with ONLY confirmed releases (dates, labels):

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December 26, 2011 on The 50+ Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012

enough; unequivocally, HypeMachine (Zeitgeist) and LargeheartedBoy have the list-compiling covered.
If continuing these lists, for whatever reasons — sparking comment discussions? fine — then at least /contribute/ something.
Editorial commentary already appears — e.g. “Arbouretum, who have flown too far under the radar for too long”; “And this is the first list I’ve seen that recognizes my own personal #1, EMA’s Past Life Martyred Saints, which it’s about goddam time.”
So, why not add meta-critical element overtly? Identify bands you’ve championed (e.g. “SG’s 40 Best new Bands”) or unique/exclusive “picks” by these magazines? I suggest a step one further, a practical purpose for “community” value toward discussion: select songs for these albums.
This encourages/enables discussion going beyond simply statements of ranking surprises and/or omissions.

I’ve begun a Spotify playlist for you, to this end; start by adding label-authorized mp3s of albums unavailable, then update the duplicates with the SG Staff Picks — especially replacing the opening-tracks of ubiquitous selections. (Compiling with album openers was most efficient for me.)

‘Downvote’ for metadiscourse and vocabulary! InB4L @_@

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December 5, 2011 on MOJO’s Top 50 Albums Of 2011