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i DJ and was in an indie rock band for a years so ive seen both sides of it but honestly why cant they just both exist? the molly taking populous would never be the audience for rock music anyways so what does it hurt? i stand intensely watching people play their instruments and get enjoyment that way, and then i dance my ass off and not really worry about whats going on on stage for djs and i get enjoyment that way…

 +1Posted on Apr 21st | re: Coldplay - "Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix)" (3 comments)

it is kind of crazy that daft punk basically kick started comebacks for georgio, nile rodgers and pharrell…

 +2Posted on Apr 9th | re: Michael Jackson - "Xscape" (10 comments)

someone on a different site said this was a leaked track from 10 years ago and not the updated version yet

 +3Posted on Mar 26th | re: Pharrell - "Happy (Woodkid Sad Remix)" (Stereogum Premiere) (23 comments)

wow makes me happier than the original haha

 0Posted on Feb 27th | re: Damon Albarn - "Lonely Press Play" Video (5 comments)

i love this song, i didnt think it was as good as the acoustic performance on first listen but this is great stuff!

“if i was famous and predisposed to crippling addiction i would have lived my life way differently”
you are an idiot

flea tweeted “No trickery. No choice, but no trickery” so i think not having anything actually plugged in the wireless pack was the same as disclosure last year at that one festival where they had nothing plugged in on purpose

 +1Posted on Jan 21st | re: Watch Disclosure Play Fallon With Sam Smith (4 comments)

they had it for pitchfork i now, and it makes way more sense when the singer isn’t there to perform the song with them but whatever i love this group and song….

 0Posted on Jan 10th | re: Coachella 2014 Lineup (105 comments)

to be fair both a-trak and armand van helden (the members of duck sauce) are FANTASTIC djs and really great live

 +4Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 | re: Daft Punk To Perform At 2014 Grammy Awards (12 comments)

haha i would love if they brought out panda bear instead of the inevitable pharrell appearance…

(do it right is the only song i still listen to off of that album)