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I really loved the brostep and the crazy camerawork in the car scene because brostep is for children and Walt and "Flynn" were behaving like children and it was heavily implied that if you were also enjoying the scene that you were in fact a child. Also I thought that both Seasons 3 and 4 started out kinda iffy and unbelievable and would I resigned myself that each season would be the season where the show would finally fail to live up to my impossibly high expectations and by the fifth or sixth episode I was completely drawn in again and blown away by every subsequent second. I feel like the bedroom argument scene in this episode was that moment for me for this season. At least I hope it was.
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August 6, 2012 on Breaking Bad S05E04: Mr. Hat’s Got His Hat On Again
So what the hell is gonna happen to hulu plus? I don't have cable because I'm not a HUGE BUTTLORD who wants to be crippled by 650 choices, all of which are bad. I have hulu plus because parks and recreation and community are worth 8 dollars a month to me and I will be super upset if hulu plus just disappears when this cable TV wall goes forward. I'm not a twenty year-old living in BK and it's silly to think that only Lena Dunham would not have cable if they liked TV shows. ILU Gabe but you're totally wrong. It's me. I'm the jerk who would pay full price for HBO Go if I somehow didn't have to have cable to use it.
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May 2, 2012 on A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: The One Where Gabe And Kelly Fight About Hulu
i just rly love the idea that some teens heard brokencyde and thought "this would make really good praise music"
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February 23, 2011 on Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome Is Our Generation’s Brokencyde