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just in case y'all didn't vom from the video, he basically lands the hurl deal by pretending he's filming it on a dinghy?
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January 16, 2012 on “My Video For Briona”
all of the stans- lockett pundt feat. kanye west = dream collabo
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December 27, 2011 on Lotus Plaza – “Christmas In Whosbekistanstanstan”
this guy is a fucking joke. and maybe only exists to make greg kot look good. that said, fuck bon iver. justin vernon seems okay though.
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November 21, 2011 on DeRogatis’s 10 Worst Albums Of 2011
it's really easy if you are into their tunes. which lots of us are.
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September 23, 2011 on Real Estate – “Green Aisles”
1. THAT FALSETTO. gurl. 2. 3. if Justin Timberlake decides to get back into music in the next decade, he is going to want to work with Frank Ocean.
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September 2, 2011 on Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You”
that chris trash and his image and half of the writing staff won spots this week should be a motivator to get the rest of us commenting again. GROUP HUG, Y'ALL.
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September 2, 2011 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
lol @ livejournal. fake humiliation, max.
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August 12, 2011 on How To Say Zach Galifianakis
that commercial is super @jeffsundinesque and we all know that is a great thing.
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June 8, 2011 on Dr. Birdie: The Human Whisperer (A Real Advice Column)
attending an event is not a flashmob and I know you know that. hugs?
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June 8, 2011 on R.I.P. Meredith Vieira And The End Of Flash Mobs
really enjoyed this link roundup! JUST CHECKING IN.
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June 7, 2011 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
aww dont downvote me! I didn't mean it in a bad way!
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June 3, 2011 on The Videogum 6-Month Performance Review
i was waiting for you to bring kiri into this and you totally did so kudos to me.
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June 2, 2011 on The Videogum 6-Month Performance Review
some of us were holding back in the name of TRUE REFORM.
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June 2, 2011 on The Videogum 6-Month Performance Review
i'm not going to re-hash the whines of yore (.gifs, insular over-commenting, etc.) but i will say that i, like many others, miss the recaps and the 2nd voice we had by having Lindsay around... .... which brings me to my next point and i TRULY MEAN NO DISRESPECT WHEN I SAY THIS. the guest bloggers are great and i welcome kelly with open arms but i think it's important that all vgum contributers who are not gabe, find their own voice and style in their writing. we don't need gabe 2.0 or gabe 3.14. no pie gabe. we need great writers around here with unique points of view and communication styles. we have one gabe and that is enough. (hugs, gabe.)
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June 2, 2011 on The Videogum 6-Month Performance Review
i think the reason it seems like that whole civil war calmed down is because the OG dropped out. can't fight a one sided battle. that said, it's okay.
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June 2, 2011 on The Videogum 6-Month Performance Review