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 +1Posted on Sep 18th | re: The CD Still Rules In Japan (6 comments)

Both Japan and Korea’s CD game is off the chain. Have you ever seen a J-pop or K-pop CD album packaging? It’s ridiculous.

It’s also no wonder that Japan always gets the bonus tracks.

 +3Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

Beyonce’s performance was incredibly awkward if you ask me.

 0Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Stream Rustie Green Language (4 comments)

So after marinating on this stream for a bit, I am decidedly underwhelmed.

A little too much filler for my taste, Rustie :(

 +2Posted on Aug 20th | re: Kitty Raps, Gets Kawaii On A Pair Of New Tracks (3 comments)

Kitty + PC Music.

Why has no one thought of this yet?

There’s something unsettling and dystopian about drones that makes me completely okay with him knocking it down.

 +1Posted on Aug 12th | re: Drake Earns The Toronto Raptors A $25K NBA Fine (6 comments)

Little known fact: Kevin Durant’s favourite team growing up was the Toronto Raptors because of Vince Carter. So it’s not a ridiculous idea.

And say what you want about Drake, but if anyone’s looking out for Canada basketball and repping it to the fullest, it’s him.

 -1Posted on Aug 10th | re: The Week In Pop: Porter Robinson Welcomes Us Into His Worlds (13 comments)

Dividing soundscapes and a “real song” is where I most definitely disagree with you.

 -1Posted on Jul 31st | re: Watch Vin Diesel Cover Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" (7 comments)

“…that he delivered a beautifully emotive and vulnerable falsetto so striking that Justin Vernon of Bon Iver would be proud of.”

 +11Posted on Jul 28th | re: Childish Gambino Thinks He's Better Than Drake, Kendrick (50 comments)

I don’t agree with Childish Gambino at all, but to make an article about it…? Statement articles like these are the equivalent of the early statement reviews of Pitchfork. Basically it gives of these embarassing, immature, bullheaded vendetta vibes.

“It’s not the first time Gambino has borrowed from K-Dot”

Didn’t Kendrick most famously ride the coattails of Childish Gambino’s “You Know Me” beat with his Look Out For Detox freestyle? I wouldn’t say 3005 sounds like Hol’ Up anyway, though there are other songs of Donald that sound like other rappers. If you’re going for comparisons, you guys should make the obvious ones, I suppose if you’re going for that strawman argument.

 +2Posted on Jul 28th | re: SOPHIE - "Lemonade" (5 comments)

Flipped when I heard this on a diplo mix