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 0Posted at 12:45am | re: Tiga - "Bugatti" (Feat. Pusha T) (3 comments)

Same. Totally confused me with the last article and now this one.

All things considered, it’s okay collaboration. Not sure if I like Pusha T’s vocals on this, though I could easily imagine Azealia Banks, Zebra Katz, Le1f or Mykki Blanco doing damage on this beat.

 0Posted on Oct 20th | re: Gwen Stefani - "Baby Don't Lie" (33 comments)

“…always knew that Ryan Tedder boy was bad news, lemme tell ya”

 +2Posted on Oct 20th | re: Gwen Stefani - "Baby Don't Lie" (33 comments)

This makes me sad.

 0Posted on Oct 19th | re: Baauer - "One Touch" (Feat. AlunaGeorge) (1 comments)

I know the writers on Stereogum couldn’t care less about the technical side of producing, but Baauer’s had the winning formula for mixing low end frequencies since day one (or since the brink of Harlem Shake and the trap movement).

That alone makes this typical vocal chopping edit sound a ton better.

 0Posted on Oct 9th | re: Watch Jessie Ware Perform Another New Song "Keep On Lying" (2 comments)

This album is already sounding end-of-the-year-list worthy.

 +9Posted on Oct 8th | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

Can I just be a hipster about this and say that I’ve been listening to Tinashe since her Reverie mixtape?

I’ve been pushing for Tinashe these past years, waiting for her meteorite arrival, and it’s that sweet moment of knowing that she had artistic control over her sound the whole time that makes it all that glorious. Her Black Water mixtape just completely blindsided me last year and I felt like I was the only one that was flipping out over her ability to deliver completely on point with her sound. Now with her new album, I’m equally as impressed and glad with the output.

Now onto the 2nd part.

If it were up to me, I would have picked the Caribou album. There is a little bit of a disadvantage here though. Our Love actually leaked really far back, shortly after Can’t Be Without You was released, and I’ve had the privilege of staying with those tracks longer. Upon first listen I was dismissive of the whole album and a little disappointed in an unrealistic, impatient, 2014-music-consumer kinda way. But I gave it a re-listen about a few weeks later and realized how truly impressive it works as an album. It feels like a classic, which is so hard for me to say in this day and age. Caribou delivers on all barrels and defines what an electronic album should be like. Every track sticks and oozes in an engaging, personal way, and I end up playing it on my phone when I can’t think of anything to listen to on that particular day. And this is coming form someone that consumes an incredible amount of electronic music.

I’d like to give Tinashe the benefit of the doubt and say with confidence that I think her album will age well with me over time, but I’m gonna have to give this one to Caribou.

 +1Posted on Sep 19th | re: Stream TOKiMONSTA Desiderium (Stereogum Premiere) (1 comments)

Pleasantly surprised that the stream is up on here because you guys like, never post Tokimonsta.

 +1Posted on Sep 18th | re: The CD Still Rules In Japan (16 comments)

Both Japan and Korea’s CD game is off the chain. Have you ever seen a J-pop or K-pop CD album packaging? It’s ridiculous.

It’s also no wonder that Japan always gets the bonus tracks.

 +3Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

Beyonce’s performance was incredibly awkward if you ask me.

 0Posted on Aug 22nd | re: Stream Rustie Green Language (4 comments)

So after marinating on this stream for a bit, I am decidedly underwhelmed.

A little too much filler for my taste, Rustie :(