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Between this and All Night, Knox Future is on my radar for go-to groovy production.
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May 19, 2016 on Joey Purp – “Girls @” (Feat. Chance The Rapper)
Stay With Me Tonight is the sleeper Makonnen jam of 2016, undoubtedly.
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May 12, 2016 on ILoveMakonnen Says He’s Retiring From Rap, Then Releases New Song
Potential to be big, but can anyone else hear how bland those stock clap sounds are? Man, I can't get over it...the preview on Instagram had me so excited.
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April 29, 2016 on Calvin Harris & Rihanna – “This Is What You Came For”
You're right. Take Care, even though it ressembled the same moody aesthetic, felt like we were exploring Drake as much as Drake was exploring himself. Now, he sounds tired of exploring himself and we're tired of exploring his mood, too. "There could've been more bangers", is always the argument here, especially in the damned timing of the album (I need a summer album soon and unfortunately it's not Lemonade :'( ), but maybe we wanted Drake to celebrate forgetting that he's still that sad sack friend that skips out of the social functions where we're all like, "You're still hung up over that shit?"
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April 29, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Drake Views
Don't get me wrong, but this concept vaguely reminds me of POV pornography in that I never make it through the cringey rehearsed chatter without contemplating what I'm doing with my life.
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April 19, 2016 on Watch Taylor Swift Answer 73 Questions
And here I was waiting all this time for him to tour to Canada with Cupid Deluxe...
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April 18, 2016 on Blood Orange Announces Dust Brothers-Inspired New LP Freetown Sound
George is a bomb producer, no way.
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April 14, 2016 on AlunaGeorge – “I Remember” Video
I was going to burst a vein in the comments section if Glowed Up wasn't on the list, but now I'm just ecstatic. Entirely excited for this Kaytranada album and will continue blasting this beauty of a single at home.
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April 8, 2016 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
Drake riding the Ramriddlz wave strong on One Dance. Move over, Quentin Miller! Also, I hope Pop Style swiftly hits the fringes of the bonus tracks. Laborious slow tempo Soundcloud beats with overly bassed kicks were 2015's trademark, and definitely not the 2016 go-to beat, especially for a posse cut this headline worthy.
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April 5, 2016 on Drake – “Pop Style” (Feat. Kanye West & Jay Z) + “One Dance” (Feat. Wizkid & Kyla)
Random marketing idea, but I wonder if random pedestrians would stop to buy a $5 CD if it arrived to you in cool, quirky journey, like the way gumballs would sometimes come to you via those extravagant machines with roller-coaster mini-tracks. Let's make it happen, Adele!
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March 23, 2016 on Parquet Courts Promote New Album With Newspaper Vending Machine
Not that it's necessarily her fault, but I now have to disassociate this song from every twinkling Tropicana-House, post-Lido SoundCloud producer that shows up on my feed via Repost or otherwise hate the damn thing entirely. Plus, it's nice that her producers have an ear out for that pretty prevalent SoundCloud sound, so I won't hold it against her that I cannot enjoy this sort of halfhearted attempt at this type of song because of my overexposure to the genre. But melodically, this performance has been done before and her vocal adlibs on here remove it from the sort of propulsive, simple-yet-effective lowkey house stomper it could've been.
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March 19, 2016 on Ariana Grande – “Be Alright”
I'd heard of Marina before Charli XCX, so the headline jab isn't really warranted as I always saw Charli (and still to some degree) as a prototype of that Marina-indiepop-female singer. Just my two cents.
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March 11, 2016 on Charli XCX Responds To Complaint From Poor Man’s Charli XCX Marina & The Diamonds
Remember the time when Lil Wayne's semi-incoherent auto-tuned rambling was ongoingly lambasted and scapegoated by the general public as the decline of music? Now, it's 2016 and besides like, Kendrick, I only ever want to hear a post-language, post-semantic, post-Young-Thuggeresque rapper to mumble at me through autotune, an FL beat and a Macbook mic. How the times of mine have changed. (But also, basically, I miss Lil Wayne with the vocal effects and I don't like listening to this release.) #BringBackAutotunedWeezy
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March 8, 2016 on Album Of The Week: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne ColleGrove
None of this would have happened without the love and support of Lebron James, who after tweeting the CEO of TDE made this all possible, eclipsing the Steph Curry lead in my personal MVP race this season.
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March 4, 2016 on Stream Kendrick Lamar’s Surprise Release untitled unmastered.
Have this theory that in another timeline, Jack Garratt is a massive hit. Such a saturated media landscape these days though.
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February 10, 2016 on Jack Garratt – “Fire” (Stereogum Premiere)
All aside, I've reserved this to be the most exciting fucking thing in my life in the first half of 2016 and probably the rest of 2016 tbh.
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February 10, 2016 on Kanye West Reveals The Life Of Pablo (!) Tracklist
Whether or not he's always been this indecisive, I'm not really feeling this new public backpedaling Kanye. If Yeezy feels at any point before this album release that this isn't the greatest fucking album, he needs to call everything off even if it pisses everyone off. I don't want deadline hype to be the most pressing, defining thing about this album, I want that perfectionist Kanye with dope ass tracks.
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February 10, 2016 on Kanye West Reveals The Life Of Pablo (!) Tracklist
I remember when Chance toured with DJ Rashad and no one in the crowd knew how to dance to footwork, myself included, but we atleast got to witness Chance kill it. Seeing Chance dance footwork now, since the death of DJ Rashad, holds so much cultural and creative weight in Chicago I feel. And that's just another testament to Chance beacon of positivity.
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February 2, 2016 on Towkio – “Clean Up” (Feat. Chance The Rapper) Video