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 +9Posted on Jul 28th | re: Childish Gambino Thinks He's Better Than Drake, Kendrick (49 comments)

I don’t agree with Childish Gambino at all, but to make an article about it…? Statement articles like these are the equivalent of the early statement reviews of Pitchfork. Basically it gives of these embarassing, immature, bullheaded vendetta vibes.

“It’s not the first time Gambino has borrowed from K-Dot”

Didn’t Kendrick most famously ride the coattails of Childish Gambino’s “You Know Me” beat with his Look Out For Detox freestyle? I wouldn’t say 3005 sounds like Hol’ Up anyway, though there are other songs of Donald that sound like other rappers. If you’re going for comparisons, you guys should make the obvious ones, I suppose if you’re going for that strawman argument.

 +2Posted on Jul 28th | re: SOPHIE - "Lemonade" (5 comments)

Flipped when I heard this on a diplo mix

 0Posted on Jul 25th | re: Rustie - "Attak" (Feat. Danny Brown) (5 comments)

That’s been my concern as well. A ton of electronic artists have been pushing and stretching the extent of trap’s sound for quite awhile now and I would personally be a bit let down to see Rustie’s return in form to be similar/comparable to what everyone else has been doing since he’s been absent. Rustie has undoubtedly set the tone for an entire scene of producers/copycats since Glass Swords, a lot of whom have drawn from his trademark aesthetic with incredible competence, save some of the masterful sound mixing techniques, so there’s a lot of eyes and expectations with his next step.

Iunno. Maybe I’m just being a little too greedy in wanting him to shake up the game again with this album.

 0Posted on Jul 15th | re: "Weird Al" Yankovic - "Tacky" Video (Pharrell Parody) (40 comments)

Man, mainstream fashion is so “anything goes” these days that I honestly don’t find anything worn being entirely tacky at all.

Almost all the sentences you’ve managed to type out are wrong. You have one sentence right though:

“Art requires some skill or craftsmanship to show the world in a new way and to make you think.”

Consider taking a class in art history and appreciation before degrading the entire fluxus movement in what you probably gave less than 5 minutes of your life to attempt to rationalize. And then maybe understand why it was a fundamentally incremental part of art.

 +1Posted on Jul 9th | re: Mixtape Of The Week: Slim 400 Keepin' It 400 (5 comments)

Can we get Mixtape Of The Week nods like we do for Album Of The Week?

I feel like that would make sense.

 0Posted on Jul 4th | re: Is Festival EDM Dying, Or Is It Just Getting Interesting? (15 comments)

I’m still mad that you guys are still trying to make trap-rave a thing. But I guess it’s better than “trap-step”

 0Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Tielsie - "Palette" (2 comments)

*Hueboy (Demo), that is.

 0Posted on Jul 2nd | re: Tielsie - "Palette" (2 comments)

Tielsie – Hueboy is also a great track. I was floored by it the first time I heard it.

 +2Posted on Jun 28th | re: The 5 Best Songs Of The Week (19 comments)

“People are talking about the dubstep drops on this song like they’re pure blasphemy, but when was the last time a drop made you feel like you were floating?”

This is the line that I’m mad. Yeah, you can lazily put {EDM, Dubstep, Trap, Electro, SoundcloudProducers, YourBuzzword, etc.} all in one box and talk down to it like you could give a flying fuck about the differences, but isn’t that what they do with “indie music”? Don’t we get mad when the nuances get overlooked and generalized, & artists get grouped into a genre they aren’t “really” in? (ie. if I said that The Lumineers were a great indie band)

This is clearly not a dubstep drop, nor is it one of the most outstanding drops and that’s kind of my gripe. I’ve heard a ton of different approaches to drops, Mr. Carmack, for example, that have made me feel like floating, but this is just a basic foray into stadium-sized trap. The synth lead sounds like a minor tweak to a stock sound, and is mixed to make it sound stale, especially noticeable when there’s too many lead notes stuffed into one bar, while the kick patterns are too repetitive and formulaic. The lack of variation doesn’t propel the song and it suffers rhythmically.

And to be honest, I don’t understand my downvotes, but now I know why stereogummers get obsessed with them without a written response :/