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 +1Posted on Dec 13th | re: Premature Evaluation: Nicki Minaj The Pinkprint (17 comments)

Haven’t listened to the Charli XCX album yet, but I’m kinda loving this album right now. Almost crossed Nicki off my list for good, too.

 +6Posted on Dec 11th | re: Stereogum's 70 Favorite Songs Of 2014 (181 comments)

No FKA Twigs? You guys….

1. Sophie – Lemonade
2. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
3. Sia – Chandelier
4. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks
5. Young Thug – Danny Glover
6. Jessie Ware – Keep On Lying
7. Photay – Illusion of Seclusion
8. Angel Olsen – Windows
9. Ryn Weaver – Octahate
10. Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

Honourable Mention: Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda

 0Posted on Dec 2nd | re: Gwen Stefani - "Spark The Fire" Video (Feat. Pharrell) (4 comments)

There’s a lot going on that I like in this song. For one, Gwen’s using the Migos flow and I actually don’t hate it. If there’s one white girl that’s going to pull it off, it’s her. I also love that line about “I am a Libra, let’s balance the scaaaales”, because it feels like the least calculated moment, aka the most natural Gwen moment, in a song that attempts to check off a list of teen-technology friendly words.

If I had one gripe about the song, it’s that she used the word LOL.
Seriously, no artist has ever had a successful track with the word LOL in it.

 0Posted on Nov 19th | re: Preview Beyoncé's "7/11" & "Ring Off" (2 comments)

Nope, not feeling the autotune.

 +11Posted on Nov 18th | re: Pusha T - "Lunch Money" (Prod. Kanye West) (20 comments)

This tops Numbers On The Boards somehow i don’t know how it did it but it did.

 0Posted on Nov 13th | re: Lorde Tells Diplo To Do Something About His Tiny Penis (28 comments)

Yes, that word. Me make dumb error.

 +1Posted on Nov 13th | re: Lorde Tells Diplo To Do Something About His Tiny Penis (28 comments)

Not sure if Lorde fully understands the levity of what she started, but this should be interesting.

I think.

 -2Posted on Nov 3rd | re: Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify (79 comments)

Have to be honest here: Is me not “getting” Taylor Swift a manifestation of my lack of whiteness? I feel like it is most of the time.

I mean, I get the importance of a subtly written pop song, but I don’t think I would make that quantum leap claim from pop starlet to femme-virtuoso just because I was finally swept in by a pop song that did not deceive me with incredibly shallow lyrics. Unless this is, unbeknownst to me, more of a political thing than anything.

Someone please elaborate on the T-swizzle dynasty for my sake.

 0Posted on Oct 24th | re: Tiga - "Bugatti" (Feat. Pusha T) (3 comments)

Same. Totally confused me with the last article and now this one.

All things considered, it’s okay collaboration. Not sure if I like Pusha T’s vocals on this, though I could easily imagine Azealia Banks, Zebra Katz, Le1f or Mykki Blanco doing damage on this beat.

 0Posted on Oct 20th | re: Gwen Stefani - "Baby Don't Lie" (33 comments)

“…always knew that Ryan Tedder boy was bad news, lemme tell ya”