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 0Posted on Aug 7th, 2013 | re: Eugene McGuinness - "Fairlight" (3 comments)

Someone has to be that guy, but Invitation to the Voyage is actually his second album !
… or third if you consider The Early Learnings like a full album …
… or fourth if you consider Eugene & The Lizards like one of his albums also …

Well, anyway not his debut !

 -7Posted on Jun 14th, 2013 | re: Kim Deal Quits Pixies (32 comments)

Wait, the Pixies were still alive … Kim Deal too … aren’t these the real news ?

When seeing this video, you could almost think that writing such wonderful songs is easy. That is the mark of true geniuses, making amazing things look simple.

 -2Posted on Jan 25th, 2013 | re: The Strokes - "One Way Trigger" (156 comments)

If the goal of this song was to associate the worst moment of Phrazes for the Young (cheap keyboard) with the most irritating moment of the Strokes (just, how many time did we hear more or less the same guitar solo), then it’s a complete success !

 0Posted on Sep 1st, 2012 | re: The 10 Best Animal Collective Songs (195 comments)

Glad that Chores made it : that really loud bird sample at 2min, which you don’t hear because all the music flows so well. This is the real Animal Collective magic !