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So I'm going through it and feeling good about "Would?" rightly being number one, until I scroll down to that spot. How can it not be? How can it not be in the top ten?!?
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October 6, 2016 on The 10 Best Alice In Chains Songs
That perfectly describes why Teenager of the Year is my favorite Pixies-related release, not that I don't love just about everything in that universe. I even think Indie Cindy is a lot of fun, if not magical.
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September 22, 2016 on Stream Pixies Head Carrier
Really great write up, but it's hard for me to understand neither it nor any of the comments (so far) have mentioned Binky the Doormat, which is definitely in my top-ten REM songs, and on any given day might be my favorite. The peak of their melodramatic arena grandeur mode. And if Disintegration doesn't make the ten-year cut, Wish is a pretty fucking great album and has actually aged really well (Boris Williams was the secret necessary ingredient in The Cure's most magical music, while we're on the subject of drummers who are essential to their bands. Which isn't to say that The Cure's pre-Boris stuff isn't amazing in its own right. Just not Head on the Door through Wish great, or at least great in a very different and less dynamic way. Post-Boris? Shrug (with the exception of Underneath the Stars, Before Three, and a few others).
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September 9, 2016 on New Adventures In Hi-Fi Turns 20
Have enough of them and you'll end up with The Perfect Piss.
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August 9, 2016 on New Order Launch Beer
This is the greatest goddamn song I've heard in forever. There's something about earnest absurdity that can end up being more affecting than earnest sincerity.
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July 20, 2016 on Alex Cameron – “The Comeback” Video
Absofuckinglutely. Such an evocative, mysterious song, and it awesomely lifts the bassline from one of my all-time favorite New Order songs, "Procession." Can't be coincidental.
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June 6, 2016 on Tigermilk Turns 20
"nu mental" is a perfect Freudian typo.
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March 29, 2016 on Puddle Of Mudd Abandon Frontman Wes Scantlin Mid-Set
Until I figured it out, that is, not pointed it out. Blagh
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January 27, 2016 on Ashley Shadow – “Tonight” (Stereogum Premiere)
I'm so glad you pointed that out -- it would've bothered the shit out of me until I did so myself.
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January 27, 2016 on Ashley Shadow – “Tonight” (Stereogum Premiere)
My favorite part of the demo is the palm-muted guitar (I think?) melodies that ping around between the speakers -- I think they're completely absent from the album version. Baffling. If I'd never heard the demo, I think I'd love the album version, though. It's a bit like my reaction to "Terrible Love" the first time I heard High Violet, after having grown accustomed to the raging live version. On a side note, I think "Flesh without Blood" is the best song she's ever recorded, and one of the best pure pop songs I've ever heard. I seem to be in the minority on this one.
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November 6, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Grimes Art Angels
This is phenomenal. Has a classic '80s/'90s "college music" feel without being derivative; somehow sounds very fresh. It's much better, I think, than anything Warpaint has done. And I quite like Warpaint.
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October 22, 2015 on jennylee – “Never” Video
Potato/potahto -- I like this one the most of the three.
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October 7, 2015 on EL VY – “Paul Is Alive”
I feel validated in my firm belief that the title track is easily the best song on Paper Gods.
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September 28, 2015 on Nick Rhodes Corrected Our 10 Best Duran Duran Songs List
Please pretend there are possessive apostrophes in the parentheses :-)
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September 23, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Chvrches Every Open Eye
I've only listened to the new Chvrches exactly once (aside from the singles), so this is ludicrously knee-jerk of me, but I have to say that there's something very off-puttingly saccharine-self-empowerment about the album's lyrics that bothers the hell out of me. The debut seems to have a darker edge, which apparently is key to my full giddily euphoric enjoyment of this band (I *love* The Bones...). Maybe it will grow on me, but I'm feeling let down. I'm fully on board with the singles from Every Open Eye, though, so there's definitely hope that it will grow on me. But man, on first listen, the lyrics were hard to stomach in a 40-minute (or whatever) block. In a nutshell, I'm as disappointed by my high expectations for this as I am thrilled by the new New Order's obliterating of my blah expectations. What a fucking amazing album that is (and yes, it's probably hypocritical of me to criticize Chvrches lyrics when New Orders can certainly be facile/ponderous, but again, it's the self-empowerment, specifically, that bugs me). On to Deerhunter as the album I'm most hopeful for stratospheric expectations to be met or even exceeded.
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September 23, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Chvrches Every Open Eye
Couldn't agree more. Whatever anyone thinks of leaks, it's so refreshing in recent years to have a chance to form your own opinion about an album without the reviews coloring the first listening experience. This was especially true for me for this album, as it immediately struck me as excellent (and still does), but reviewers just slammed it. Hard to understand.
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July 28, 2015 on Download Twin Shadow’s Demos Mixtape Night Rally
First lyric video ever? Subterranean Homesick Blues? Or if that's somehow not considered a video, for predating MTV, how about The Talking Heads' (Nothing but) Flowers? You trolling bro?
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March 13, 2015 on Out Of Control On Videotape: The 10 Best Radiohead Music Videos
Had to be Shellac. Maybe their best album, and that is REALLY saying something.
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September 16, 2014 on Album Of The Week: The Juan Maclean In A Dream
Freaking incredible. "Chambers" sounds like modern-era Cure, but better!
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August 11, 2014 on Stream Cymbals Eat Guitars LOSE
Sound Check (Gravity). C'mon.
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July 2, 2014 on The 10 Best Gorillaz Songs
No, I totally agree -- *has* to be w/sax.
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April 16, 2014 on The 10 Best Galaxie 500 Songs
Ladytron + better songwriting - cartoonish icy gothiness + outsized M83 melodrama = awesome/Chvrches
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September 24, 2013 on Album Of The Week: Chvrches The Bones Of What You Believe
Holy shit, thanks! I'd never heard of Baby Dayliner, but I instantly love them/him. I guess I'm a sucker for nearly self-parodic over-emotive singing. That's what you get for being a Morrissey / Scott Walker / Jarvis Cocker die hard, I guess. And yes: Majical Cloudz is *amazing* -- Impersonator is feeling like my album of the year, and I adore the new National and Daft Punk albums. And maybe it would've made more sense to say that the Diamond Rings sounds like Welsh, combined with the skinny guy from They Might Be Giants circa "Birdhouse in Your Soul." The singer from Merchandise fits into all of this, too.... But yeah: Baby Dayliner!
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May 24, 2013 on Album Of The Week: Majical Cloudz Impersonator
I can't be the only one who thinks he sounds like the guy from Diamond Rings, but I never see that.
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May 22, 2013 on Album Of The Week: Majical Cloudz Impersonator
"The Real Thing" is the best Dandy Warhols song ever.
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April 20, 2013 on Premature Evaluation: Phoenix Bankrupt!
It's bullshit without "Leave Me Alone" or "Procession," their two best songs (not necessarily in that order).
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January 25, 2013 on The 10 Best New Order Songs
Best Album: A. C. Newman -- "Shut Down the Streets"
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November 21, 2012 on The 2012 Gummy Awards: Vote Now And Enter To Win An iPad With Retina Display
"Ugly new *houses.*" And I believe that the "Bigmouth" backing vocals are pitch-shifted Morrisseys. Smiths fanatics of the world: unite and be pedantic.
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September 28, 2012 on Strangeways, Here We Come Turns 25