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 -2Posted on Jul 23rd | re: Caption The Sad Jack White Cubs Photo And Win A Prize (328 comments)

 0Posted on Jun 27th | re: Dozens Of Avicii Fans Get Too Fucked Up In Boston (11 comments)

“When you have this type of a concert, this techno-rave type thing, we kind of know it may be coming.” maybe try and do something about it before it happens then?

 +1Posted on Jun 5th | re: Pharrell Draws Criticism For Native American Headdress (57 comments)

At least he acknowledged that it was wrong and apologized, I think Elle magazine should be called out equally on this seeing as how they probably had 1,000 other photos of Pharrell to choose from and picked the one of him not only wearing the headdress, but with his head turned profile mimicking almost every westernized image of Native-Americans in history.

 +4Posted on Jun 3rd | re: Watch Spoon Debut "Rainy Taxi" At Primavera Sound '14 (6 comments)

You can see that Spoon genuinely love what they do, which is why they are still making music 20 years later. I have even more respect for them seeing that their first 2 albums were so commercially unsuccessful, and record companies screwed them over, but they still kept going and look at where they are now.

I think the point he is making is valid, but he’s articulating it like a condescending asshole, it doesn’t help that he uses his own band as an example of “the act that opened up a style” but eh it’s Jack White

 +4Posted on May 30th | re: Spoon's "R.I.P." Coming 6/10 (84 comments)

Yeah but if you’ve heard the original by natural history you know that spoons version is almost a completely different song, so they deserve the credit they get for it

People are over complicating this. I don’t think too much thought went behind the casting, Andrew was an actor they knew and worked with before and he really wanted to do it, so they let him. Laura Jane Grace is angry for the wrong reasons. It’s not the same as black face because race is a physical trait and being trans isn’t always something that is visibly recognizable. Trans roles should not always have to be played by trans actors but that being said there definitely should be more casting of transgender people in general in Hollywood.

honestly I was proud that an artist as different and cool as St. Vincent landed musical guest. (I’m not saying they’re unknown but I would not have pegged them as a contender for snl) I think their performance was solid and they did their thing. The people on twitter can bitch all they want, but in the end St. Vincent got up and rocked it on national television, so suck it trebek!

 +2Posted on May 16th | re: Arcade Fire - "We Exist" Video (Feat. Andrew Garfield) (19 comments)

I think it speaks volumes about Andrew Garfield that he plays Spider-man and then turns around and does this music video, props to his versatility as an actor.