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 +4Posted on Aug 25th | re: The 11 Most Awkward Moments From The 2014 VMAs (21 comments)

but who is riff raff

 0Posted on Aug 21st | re: The 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs (67 comments)

Library Pictures should be on here if only for the “I’m in a vest” line at the beginning, iconic

Thanks for clearing up why they switched to Loma Vista, I was worried something bad had gone down with Merge, you’d have to be a pretty horrible to have problems with a chill label like merge

 0Posted on Aug 20th | re: 30 Years Of Music Industry Change In One GIF (71 comments)

I work alone

 +1Posted on Aug 19th | re: 30 Years Of Music Industry Change In One GIF (71 comments)

cassettes=anywhere I can take my little radio, park, work,etc.

(this is how I justify to myself buying all of them)

 +1Posted on Aug 19th | re: Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off" Video (90 comments)

That gif makes those girls’ butts look like the majestic wings of a bird as it flys through the sky (away from t-swift).

 +2Posted on Aug 18th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (22 comments)

wow I made top comment on shut up dude for the first time, I’d like to thank scott

 +28Posted on Aug 10th | re: Hell On Earth Discovered In Times Square Guitar Center (58 comments)

I like to go to guitar center just to stand there and pretend to conduct all the people playing guitar, it’s one of my best jokes

either he’s doing it on purpose (out of spite for the media) or he’s just really unenthusiastic about baseball, If it’s the latter I honestly can’t blame him baseball always bored the poop outta me too