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 +1Posted on Nov 19th | re: 26 Essential Songs From The NYC Rock Resurgence (114 comments)

I saw Radio 4 play in front of like 10 people in Brighton (MA) circa 2007 and man they killed it. Not only that, but they were approachable and invited everyone out for drinks after the show. It was one of the best nights of my life and I’m so glad to see them included on this list.

 +6Posted on Nov 19th | re: The Voice Asks Jason Isbell To Audition As A Contestant (6 comments)

Isbell was on the WTF podcast a while back and the dude is INTERESTING. This is perfect.

 +1Posted on Aug 12th | re: Watch Matt Sweeney And Kurt Vile Share Guitar Techniques (1 comments)

I love how Sweeney stares so intently at the guitar whenever the interviewee is playing a song and can then just DO IT. Daps for talent man.

 +4Posted on Jun 17th | re: Watch Angel Olsen Sing "Hi-Five" On Letterman (4 comments)


that was a great Lolla performance! I loved Neko’s big ol hat.

he sounds like a raptor

If it’s anything like the “Classic Albums” series, it’ll be great. The “Aja” one? Magic.

It doesn’t feel right to exist in a world where somebody has beef with Dave Grohl.

 +2Posted on May 12th | re: Watch Mac DeMarco "Macumentary" Pepperoni Playboy (4 comments)

When I visited the cloud this weekend and listened to Salad Days for the millionth time, I had one of those isolated-instrument experiences and got lost in the bass lines on the record for a good 20 minutes…especially in “Blue Boy.” The dude can write a groove.

 +2Posted on Mar 21st | re: Late Night With Seth Meyers Gets Less Musical (14 comments)

thank you for that belly laugh