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That video for “Timebomb” is bad. Really bad. Yikes.

 0Posted on Oct 8th | re: TV On The Radio - "Careful You" (30 comments)

The production is awesome. I was pumped when it started but lyrically it’s crap and there’s not much of a hook or anything memorable to grab hold of. I LOVE TV on the Radio but I hope they’re not running out of ideas. The last album was good but I have to force myself to listen to it and generally pick any of their other albums over Nine Types of Light when I’m in the mood for them.

 +3Posted on Oct 2nd | re: The 10 Best KISS Songs (33 comments)

Best KISS songs not on this list (that are all better than “Lick it Up”):
I Stole Your Love
Shock Me
Shout it Out Loud
Cold Gin
Hard Luck Woman
Plaster Caster
Do You Love Me?

 +2Posted on Sep 16th | re: Sun Kil Moon: "The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick" (67 comments)

The sad thing is that he’s a a grown ass 47 year old man. How pathetic. I get it if it’s Tyler the Creator or some bratty 20 something in a punk band. But jesus, he sounds like such an asshole.

If it makes you feel better than lumping U2 in the the Eagles and Aerosmith, just lump them in with R.E.M., The Cure, The Pixies, etc.

U2 should have broken up in the late 90′s. Then when they re-united today it would be like the Police or The Pixies where everyone went apeshit to see them again. Their biggest fault was to keep trekking along in mediocrity for 20 years.

Well to be fair, Interpol is 12 years removed from their classic album. Today’s indie music hasn’t changed that much since 2002 so of course they still sound ok. U2 formed in the 70′s and hit their classic period 30 years ago. Of course they sound like shit today. It just makes what David Bowie is doing all the more impressive.

I think it’s more likely the ipod touches will hopefully go to a 128 GB flash drive. I don’t blame Apple for getting away from the moving hard drives. Flash drives have grown in size by leaps and bounds over the past few years.

If this doesn’t happen, my real fear is that Apple will expect us to stream our libraries through the cloud which makes great sense in theory but sucks when I’m driving down the highway or at the beach and lose signal. Maybe one day cloud streaming will work everywhere but today it’s spotty.

 +1Posted on Aug 28th | re: AC/DC Albums From Worst To Best (42 comments)

Several years ago I was out with some friends and we ended up at a shitty pool hall. We got drunk on pitchers of cheap beer and the bar was blasting old AC/DC all night. Just every fucking hit imaginable. They have at least 25-30 songs you know. And for whatever reason it just hit the sweetest spot between nostalgia and being wasted playing pool. The next few days I downloaded everything I could get. It’s all been sitting in my iTunes ever since and hasn’t gotten a single play. Still, there’s going to be some night down the road hanging out with friends where the mood is right and I’m going to blast that shit and although I’ll probably get a few eye rolls at first, AC/DC will win you over.

90′s alt rock artists more relevant today than Billy Corgan:
Modest Mouse
Nick Cave
The Flaming Lips
Yo La Tengo
Stephen Malkmus
Built to Spill

 0Posted on Jul 3rd | re: Here's Your Song Of The Summer 2014 (53 comments)

That reggae-pop tune “Rude” about marrying the girl is blowing up pretty big. Has way more of a SOTS feel. Love the Future Islands but definitely not feeling it as song of the summer.