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Finally someone who agrees with me. Goldsmith was a much better drummer than Hawkins. That first FF line up was by far the best one. Goldsmith was a heavy hitter and could keep up with Dave (despite Grohl thinking otherwise). The FF’s really went downhill when Taylor Hawkins joined. Just listen to them play the material from the first two albums. Hawkins drumming is way too classic rock sounding. FF’s on SNL in 1995, all the proof you need:

 0Posted on Nov 11th | re: Premature Evaluation: Foo Fighters Sonic Highways (46 comments)

Exactly. First three FF albums are great. After that there’s too much Taylor Hawkins influence. Think about it, the FF started to get pretty lame not long after Taylor Hawkins joined.

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Uh no. It sounds like exactly what it is…sloppy, boring, generic indie rock. This stuff was dime a dozen on Matador records in the mid 90′s.
-20 thumbs

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Just an fyi. The audio from the DVD version sounds much better than the CD. Fatter and fuller sounding. You can find a rip of the DVD audio on torrent.

Damn, Kozelek just trolled the hell out of indie blogs everywhere.

Never heard of her.

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What are you talking about? Mellon Collie was recorded with Flood and Alan Moulder and that album sounds great.

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Sounds like a Killers b-side. And that’s not a compliment…

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Oh yeah, because Butch Vig has sure helped the Foo Fighters not sound like Nickelback.

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It’s better than the new Foo Fighters beige-fest.