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You’re only 18. There’s a lot of things you haven’t heard.

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Everyone should just be nice to everyone and say nice things all the time.

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Quit your sanctimonious whining. Good lord. The internet is always on some crusade of righteous indignation. Who gives a crap what Mark Kozelek called anyone. He makes great music, I don’t care if he’s an asshole. I prefer my rock stars to be assholes in fact. Nice guys make boring music.

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Just had to have that “RADIOHEAD” reference in the end there, didn’t you? Like they were the first person ever to just drop an album on our doorsteps with little to no warning.

Way back in 2000 (yes, a whole 14 years ago!) this band called Smashing Pumpkins, maybe you’ve heard of them, release their MACHINA II album for FREE on the internet. No pay what you want. Just free.

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“Up In It’ is my favorite. Good production, aggressive songs, and consistent the whole way through. ‘Retarded’ and ‘You My Flower’ are incredible.

My list would be:
Up In It
Black Love

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No, he’s right. It sucks.

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‘Einstein On The Beach’…that’s a great tune

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Indeed. It has made music a much more singles driven market. That’s fine for most of the disposable pop music that doesn’t have much to say in the first place. But are we really going to have another R.E.M, another Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Nirvana etc. in a singles driven market? Those are just a few examples of bands who had something bigger to say. Something that
deserved the full-length medium of an album. The whole “cherry-pick” mentality of only downloading a single is to me the equivalent of tearing one page out of a book. You don’t get the whole story. The whole experience of buying an album/CD was that you had the full package as the artist intended. The artwork, photos, lyrics. I still see that as an experience that has value even though the world is telling me it doesn’t.