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 -1Posted on Jun 23rd | re: Iggy Azalea Wants Fans To Stop Trying To Finger Her (47 comments)

So she releases cheap misogynistic music that glorifies women who act like sluts yet she gets upset when men treat her like one?

Some people, myself included, like to actually own physical copies of things they pay for.

 0Posted on Feb 6th | re: Black Sabbath Albums From Worst To Best (48 comments)

Anyone who’s ignored the first two Dio Sabbath albums is ignoring two of the very best heavy metal/hard rock records ever.

1. Paranoid
2. Master of Reality
3. Heaven and Hell
4. Vol. 4
5. Mob Rules
6. Black Sabbath
7. Dehumanizer
8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
9. Sabotage
10. Never Say Die
11. Seventh Star
12. Eternal Idol

Yeah, the fact that he comes from an extremely rich family is one thing that always has rubbed me the wrong way. They were really slumming it early on on those indie tours with dad’s bank account to fall back on.

He’s a rock star in his own mind. I still think he’s a big dork. Reflektor makes a great coaster though.

 -9Posted on Feb 4th, 2013 | re: Download My Bloody Valentine m b v (346 comments)

Those last two tracks are a total waste and once I heard them it made me mad I spent $27 on a glorified EP. “Nothing Is” is a pointless loop and “Wonder 2″ is just aimless noise. First 7 tracks are pretty good though.

 0Posted on Oct 1st, 2012 | re: Dirt Turns 20 (57 comments)

Oh and don’t forget the ironic .gif to really put me in my place.

 0Posted on Oct 1st, 2012 | re: Dirt Turns 20 (57 comments)

Great album and one of the best of the 90′s. Someone who likes twee indie bands or those wussy beard flannel mandolin indie folk bands like Sanford & Songs is definitely not going to be down with this album so that fat guy Kevin’s comments are not surprising. Indie rock fans can’t handle any band that shows any hint of masculinity or testosterone since they’re usually dork vegans that got bullied in high school. If you can’t hear the brilliance of songs like “Rain When I Die”, “Rooster”, “Down In A Hole” and “Would?” I’d venture to say that you don’t like rock music at all.

 +1Posted on Sep 3rd, 2012 | re: The 30 Richest Drummers In The World (60 comments)

Not to mention that he can pretty much smoke any drummer on that list too.