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Wow. What a deeply offensive, sexist and unnecessary comment about women over-sharers. If you want to address Joan Didion's work and the potential hypocrisy in her criticism of Woody Allen, fine. But to somehow make it a generality about how women be yacking about their periods on the internet? I read a thoughtful, well articulate essay only to be smacked in the face at the very end with condescension and 'jokey' advice about how ladies are doing fine so what...shut up? Videogum is a great site with lots of readers who are passionate about it. I never comment but I read it everyday. I know when Gabe meets criticism his response is generally, "Um, hey it's a blog about trampoline accidents why do you even care?". Well, I do care that a site thousands of people read daily uses its forum to spread sexist stereotypes. And you should care too. By you I mean Gabe and all you monsters who pride yourselves on being smart, committed, funny commenters. Yeah I know. U MAD. I sure as hell am.
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February 3, 2012 on Everything Now The Same As It Ever Was But More So