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 0Posted on Mar 16th, 2010 | re: Holy Fuck - "Latin America" (5 comments)

You know, when I got the itty bitty InSound magazine that came with my copy of Sisterworld I saw this album and got totally psyched. Then I went online to find that there was NOTHING about it anywhere. I was most confused.

The single is great though.

Anybody else notice the TERRIFYING E.T. head guy in the back?

I caaaame.

 0Posted on Feb 4th, 2010 | re: Lo-Fi-Fnk - "Marchin' In" (4 comments)


 0Posted on Jan 29th, 2010 | re: New Goldfrapp - "Believer" (6 comments)

I love I love I love.

 0Posted on Jan 29th, 2010 | re: Slumberland Preps Black Tambourine Anthology (5 comments)

Yes please!

 0Posted on Jan 26th, 2010 | re: New Justice - "Beginning Of The End" (33 comments)

It’s not bad, gets me excited for what’s to come.

 +1Posted on Jan 19th, 2010 | re: New Panda Bear Tunes, Tomboy Shirts Debut In Berlin (12 comments)

I really loved the intro at ATP NY. I’m sure it won’t be included anywhere (considering it’s ‘I Think I Can’) but it’s totally uplifting.

 0Posted on Jan 13th, 2010 | re: Preview Peter Gabriel's Indie Rock Covers LP (9 comments)

That thing looks like something I need to put my dick in.

 0Posted on Jan 12th, 2010 | re: Joanna Newsom Says "Have One On Me" (35 comments)

Joanna Newsom-anything is a reason for me to get excited.