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 0Posted on Mar 24th, 2012 | re: Spiritualized - "Hey Jane" Video (NSFW) (11 comments)

“it’s probably not the video’s business to try and start a conversation about race, class, sexuality, et al, if it cannot lend weight to each theme within ten minutes and with no dialogue.”

Disregarding the (comment dooming) “why does this need to exist” part, the commenter makes a valid point. A music video can only be a music video. I was initially turned off for its use of such a marginalized character in a video that skims on story in favor of shock. I would be more shocked were the entertainment industry to depict prostitution as something that didn’t end in violence and despair as I’m sure it generally doesn’t. But really, this video is good in many “music video” ways (the aforementioned ending shot, grittiness! and its positioning with the tone of the music) and that’s all it can be.