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I think I have a headache
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June 24, 2009 on Hey, Where Is Ronald Jenkees?
Hahaha oh my god... check out his newest video. He's shirtless and making funny noises, so it's totally appropriate for this conversation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n77auNQDiPk
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April 22, 2009 on RIP, Creepy Old Man Meme
Obsessed: A woman becomes fond of her new boss.
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April 17, 2009 on Best New Party Game 2
Are you saying there's something wrong with my gear?
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April 8, 2009 on Billy Bob Thornton Went All The Way To Canada To Be Mean On The Radio
The local news channel is the one who posted this video! What a kick in the face. They might as well be saying, "Good luck finding another date in this town."
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March 27, 2009 on I Like The Way This Chick Faints
The funniest part is how unlikely that couple seems--the town drunk and the president of your local book club. Sounds like complete compatibility at eHarmony.
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March 6, 2009 on That’s Your Boyfriend: “Drunk” Guy In Training Video
Is allowing a company to use your song in a commercial really selling out? Remember the New Pornographer's "The Bleeding Heart Show" that was used (hundreds of times) in that University of Phoenix commercial? Last time I checked, they haven't hired Timbaland to produce their next record.
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March 6, 2009 on Billy Corgan Finally Licenses “Today” (Feat. Morgan Freeman)
I want to like this, but I just can't. It's just not doing it for me.
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February 23, 2009 on Tinted Windows (James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, Taylor Hanson) Is A Band That Exists, Offers Songs
He sure types like he's a kid: "Im asome play the guitar and a actor i have a agency its Disney support me if you didnt if you did thank you so much keep doing that so just keep supporting and ill try talking to my fans my fans ROCK thanks"
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February 19, 2009 on I Call Dibs On Adopting This Kid
Wait, when did this show become 100% factual and concrete? This was a JOKE! SNL, Seth Myers, and the other writers don't actually think bloggers are unable to point to North America on a map. Remember how goofy "Bjork" was last week? Do you get all of your news from Weekend Update?
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February 17, 2009 on SNL Hates Bloggers.
...said the person whose avatar is a picture of Joaquin Phoenix.
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February 12, 2009 on Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman Made Joaquin Phoenix Interesting Again
I think it's fair to say that no one read this. You lost me at "tautology."
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February 11, 2009 on Inglourious Basterds Looks Terrable
I completely agree. I think it's time indie rock stops experimenting and starts getting back to the basics. If I played this album for most of my family or friends, they would think I was weird.
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January 9, 2009 on Is Merriweather Post Pavilion The Best Album Of 2009?
I hope he bought her dinner first.
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January 8, 2009 on That’s Your Boyfriend: J Smoov
Lindsay is fine, but whether it's cats or Paul Rudd, she tends to have a holy day every time one of her favorite things pops up on youtube. A little more diversity would be appreciated. Otherwise, keep up the good work, you two.
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January 3, 2009 on How’s Our Driving?
No one will disagree that M Night Shyamalan has churned out some pretty grotesque garbage lately, and Signs was a pretty average movie at best. But if you call it one of the worst from the last decade, you clearly haven't seen a lot of movies lately.
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December 24, 2008 on The Worst People Of 2008
The only disappointing aspect of Hillary's nomination is the fact that there will be (at least) four more years of Clinton jokes. Also, "Jizz in My Pants" was hilarious.
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December 8, 2008 on SNL Just The Funny Parts: Yes You Can Say “Jizz” On Television
I don't think that's true. On last night's episode, he said a "portion" of the proceeds go to charity.
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December 3, 2008 on Stephen Colbert Announces “Operation Humble Kanye”
don't get me wrong, i love stephen colbert. but doesn't it seem like he uses his arrogant character to shamelessly plug anything that will make the "real" stephen colbert lots of money? it's almost as if he's free from scrutiny because the guy constantly asking us to buy his book/dvd/cd isn't the "real" stephen colbert. but in reality, he is.
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December 2, 2008 on Stephen Colbert Announces “Operation Humble Kanye”