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“We also elected not to include a handful of his great collaborations and some of his live records, though all are worth checking out.”

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It’s better than I ever even knew

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Wow, what a mammoth output to review. Similar to the above, I have neglected to visit many of these records (especially those from the 90s-00s), but I’m partial to St. Dominic’s Preview. Listen to the Lion is one of my favorites of all time of Van’s. I love the less structured, seemingly stream-of-consciousness in the emulation of the other Morrison, Jim. It appears quite frequently throughout Saint Dominic’s Preview. Astral Weeks, His Band and Street Choir are also solid. I must say, I need to revisit veedonfleece and Moondance again to round out my palate. Thanks for the feature!

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Love you guys.

You’ve won.

Yeah, the production always seems to de-fang much of her guitar work. But if you listen to the notes and scales she plays (or better yet, witness it live) she writes and plays some pretty badass songs. In her interviews she has said that she’s interested in her guitar sounding like anything but a guitar. In her records it comes off this way, and it sounds a lot less offensive. I prefer her live mixes much more.

Carrots are the best things.

While it’s not immediately apparent in her studio albums, anyone who has experienced St. Vincent performing live acknowledges the snarly energy and bite. Both in Annie Clark the human and in the St. Vincent performance. She’s a fireball on stage.

You’ve all been duped. My Sharona is still going, and we’re all still here watching it.
m-m-m-m-m-myyy-myy myyyyy

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This album was miraculously not labeled with a parental advisory sticker when I bought it. I also knew where most of the “swearing” occurred in each song and could volume fade when needed. However, when listening more closely to the lyrics than I one day, my dad grabbed the lyrics sheet and read through each song. For some reason I was able to retain the CD even though I received some lecture including words like “slackers” “bad example” and the like. This made me enjoy the album even more deeply than I previously had. While Dookie had its place, Smash always evoked a darker, more rebellious “whatever” vibe.